Product Management

Product Management 12 May 2022
All You Wanted To Know About Product Initiatives
Product initiatives are a set of key tasks that need to be completed to hit the product goal. Do you want to know more about them? Read the article.
By Tomas Prochazka
Product Management 27 Apr 2022
Everything You Should Know About Product Owners, Product Operations, and Product Managers (Plus How To Tell Them Apart)
Trying to understand the difference between “product managers,” “product owners,” and “product operations” can be tough. Let's dive deep into this topic in this article.
By Tomas Prochazka
Product Management 20 Apr 2022
These Product Management Books Should Live on Every PM’s Bookshelf
Sometimes, having a trusted book as your guide is the better option. So, let’s take a look at some of the best product management books for PMs of all levels!
By Malte Scholz
Product Management 12 Apr 2022
4 Tips for Creating a Successful Executive Engagement Strategy
In this post, we’re going to look at how to influence and communicate with important executives from a product manager perspective… especially if you want to implement a new product management tool across your company.
By Tomas Prochazka
Product Management 29 Mar 2022
Product Operations: The Backbone of Product-led Growth
The role of Product Ops is to create efficiency, reduce friction, and facilitate the delivery of better end products for the product management and engineering teams. 
By Valentin Firak
How You Should Set the OKRs for Product Management
OKRs ensure that objectives become tangible targets with provable outcomes instead of vague ambitions with no clear start or endpoint. How to work and think about them you will find out in this article.
By Tomas Prochazka
Product Management 22 Feb 2022
6 Common Software Development Methodologies
In today’s post, we’re going to look at the six most common software development methodologies and their pros and cons.
By Valentin Firak
Product Management 31 Jan 2022
5 Inspiring and Motivating Product Management Conferences in 2022
The product management schedule promises to be a good one in 2022. Here are our top 5 inspiring and motivating product management conferences in 2022.
By Tomas Prochazka
Product Management 24 Jan 2022
Best Practice When Setting Product OKRs – The Product Leader Perspective, With Bernhard Hecker
Interview with Bernhard Hacker, co-founder of and product couch with 30 years of experience.
By Tomas Prochazka
Product Management 14 Jan 2022
Best Practice When Setting Product OKRs – The Product Manager Perspective, With Kent J. McDonald
Interview with Kent J. McDonald – Product Manager and Writer at KBP.Media sharing his insights about the best practice when setting product OKRs.
By Malte Scholz
Welcome to 2022: The Year of Product Management
Read the prediction for this year from the top PMs.
By Tomas Prochazka
Product Management 31 Dec 2021
Best Practice When Setting Product OKRs – The Consultant Perspective, With Robin Zaragoza
In this interview we speak with Robin Zaragoza, consultant and Founder & CEO of The Product Refinery about her perspective on setting product OKRs.
By Valentin Firak
Product Management 13 Dec 2021
Product Management Trends and Challenges in 2022 – A Cultural and Behavioral Psychology Perspective With Adam Thomas
A quick introduction to cultural and behavioral psychology from Adam Thomas who is the participant in our upcoming roundtable webinar.
By Tomas Prochazka
Product Management Trends and Challenges in 2022 – An Ecommerce Perspective With Adam Hecht
Whether B2C or B2B, product management must come up against BigTech, diversity in product management has never been so important, and empathy is the key attribute for product managers to have.
By Malte Scholz
Product Management 23 Nov 2021
5 Software Solutions To Stop Using Excel and Improve Your Productivity
Many companies still rely on Excel to manage aspects of their work. However, these digital alternatives to Excel are much more efficient and also increase your productivity.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 11 Nov 2021
A New Era for PMs — What Will Product Management Look Like in 2022?
Some trends stay, some trends go, technology unlocks new opportunities, and user needs keep us all on our toes. The fast-paced nature of the job is something you have to love as a PM, but the last 18 months have been a particularly challenging test on our processes and our ability to adapt.
By Malte Scholz
Product Management 15 Oct 2021
What is a Kanban Roadmap?
The term “Kanban roadmap” seems to be taking over the product world, but is it even a thing? Spoiler alert: it’s not.
By Andrea Saez
Product Failure Stories: How I Messed up a Release
To err is human — so why not be ok with it? So with that in mind, I thought I’d share my own product failure story from when I first became a product manager.
By Andrea Saez
Product Management 16 Jun 2021
What Is the Most Important Product Management Skill?
The difference between good and great is defined by one product management skill that will truly set you apart from everyone else.
By Andrea Saez
Product Management 11 Jun 2021
How To Write a Product Problem Statement - Problem Statement Template
The key to a good problem statement is to make it easy for everyone to understand. Here is a product problem statement template I like to use with my team.
By Andrea Saez
Product Management 21 May 2021
Product Team Structure - How Product Managers, Product Owners, and Business Analysts Collaborate
Here’s an explanation of the difference between roles and titles, a description of the three common product titles, and how product teams are structrued.
By Kent McDonald
What Does Product Management in Fintech Look Like in 2022
I spent my career working on internal products in a variety of different organizations. Here’s a look at my experience so far.
By Kent McDonald
Product Management 27 Apr 2021
Product Management Made Easy With airfocus Toolbox - Malte Scholz Interview on WebsitePlanet
In this interview, Co-Founder & CEO Malte Scholz describes the hardships of product management, and how they can be overcome with airfocus.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 23 Mar 2021
5 Need-to-Know Product Management Trends for 2021
We’ve knocked our heads together and compiled the ultimate list of 5 product management trends for this year.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 19 Mar 2021
How Customer Product Validation Works in Product Management
Does your solution have a product-market fit? Is it validated? These are questions that are being asked by product managers, so let’s go through them!
By Sarper Horata
Product Management 12 Feb 2021
Marketplace Product Management Insights From an Ex eBay PM
As the marketplace model is becoming more and more popular, Kerstin is sharing the specific challenges for product management in this type of environment.
By Kerstin Exner
Product Management 29 Jan 2021
The Levers Product Managers Have To Pull in eCommerce - Introduction to eCommerce PM
Product managers often switch industries during their career, eCommerce being one of them. Here are the levers product managers have to pull in eCommerce.
By Kerstin Exner
25 Geeky Puns and Memes That Product People Will Love
We usually write guides on roadmapping, but this week we want to make your week brighter with our 25 favorite geeky jokes that product people will love.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 26 Nov 2020
KPIs in Product Management - How To Set, Measure and Track Them
The impact your planned product initiatives have on your KPIs should drive your product decisions. Here's how to set measure and track KPIs in product.
By Kerstin Exner
The Pioneers of Product Management - A Brief History
If product manager curious about your own legacy, or simply not sure what a product manager does, our history of product management should fill you in.
By Andrei Tiburca
How Remote Work Has Affected Product Management (How To Adapt)
Join us in finding what impact has this shift to remote working had on product teams and what tactics should we be adopting to adapt.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 30 Apr 2020
Work Remotely? Here’s How To Make Team Decisions Remotely
With the right tools and strategies, your team can start making smart, reasoned decisions as a group remotely — no matter where you are in the world.
By Malte Scholz
Product Management 24 Apr 2020
18 SaaS Tools To Help Remote Teams During COVID-19
Lots of SaaS companies are offering a wide range of free tools and resources to support businesses affected by the pandemic. Here are our favourite 18.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 25 Mar 2020
Switching To Remote Work - Here’s What You Need To Consider
During quarantine, the number of product teams going remote will likely increase. Here's what you need to consider when switching to remote work.
By Andrei Tiburca
How To Create a Project Overview + 5 Project Overview Templates
A project overview is a practical tool, designed to empower managers. Here are 5 project overview templates to get you started.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 14 Feb 2020
Best Product Management Tools In 2022 — A Product Management Tools Comparison
Product management tools have transformed the way we work in the past few years. Here are the best product management tools in 2022.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 23 Jan 2020
Easy To Use Project Plan Templates for Busy Product Managers
Whether you’re prioritizing items, or getting a new innovation market-ready, a project plan template will help you deliver on time, on budget, and on scope.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 14 Jan 2020
Product Management Roles and Hierarchy - A List of All Product Management Roles
There’s a clear hierarchy to product teams. But, what exactly are the product management roles? And — because we’re all curious — how much do they earn?
By Andrei Tiburca
Dear Product Managers, Churn Is Good for You
Churn is inherently bad, no questioning that. It is also a signal that can help product managers spot where they’re going wrong with their product.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Manager vs Project Manager. Key Differences Between the Two Jobs
Let's look at the differences between a product manager and a project manager. What do their salaries, responsabilities, and expectations look like?
By Valentin Firak
Product Management 26 Nov 2019
Product Management Trends in 2020: Five Things to Watch for This Year
With 2019 drawing to a close it’s time to cast a glance into the future and make some educated guesses about product management trends in 2020.
By Valentin Firak
6 Product Managers That You Should Start Following Right Now
Here are six of the best leaders in product management. They've got loads of industry knowledge, powerful strategies, and killer insight to share.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 15 Aug 2019
What Exactly Are a Product Manager’s Responsibilities?
In this article, we focus on the responsibilities to answer the question: what exactly is it that product managers actually do? 
By Valentin Firak
The Unexpected Ways That Product Managers Can Benefit From UX Design
Why product managers and UX designers should come together as a team, and how you can start working more productively as a pair.
By Malte Scholz
Product Management 30 Jul 2019
7 Surprising Ways Product Management Will Change in the Next 5 Years
Due to evolving responsibilities and an exponential rate of digital innovation product management is changing at lightning speed. What does it mean for you?
By Malte Scholz
10 of the Most Common Mistakes Every Product Manager Should Avoid
A list of 10 mistakes that every product manager should be sure to avoid, and what you can do to safeguard against them.
By Valentin Firak
Product Management 26 May 2019
4 Highly Successful Software Products and What Product Managers Can Learn From Them
In this article, we'll go through 4 of the most successful software products ever built and, analyze what you can learn from them to be an even better product manager.
By Malte Scholz
Product Management 26 May 2019
Best Product Management Tools - 2020 Update
2020 Update - The best product management tools for 2020. Research and Conceptualization, Strategy and Prioritization, Roadmapping, Design and Wireframing, Project and Task Management, Analytics, and Customer Feedback
By Malte Scholz
Product Management 14 Apr 2019
9 Surprising Stats About Product Management (And What They Actually Mean for You)
Discover 9 unexpected things about product management. Learn how to improve your performance and strive for excellence in your product management role.
By Valentin Firak

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