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Roundtable Discussion: Product Management Trends and Challenges in 2022

Join our panel of product experts as they discuss and anticipate the trends and challenges of product management in 2022!
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Gamify Your Product Strategy

How can gaming mechanics such as "Fog of war", "Action per minute", "Macro/Micro play" teach you about product strategies and product development?
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It's Time for Modular Product Management, with airfocus CEO & CPO

In this webinar in partnership with Product School, you will learn about the modern challenges faced by product teams and how a modular, flexible platform can best tackle these challenges.
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4 Common Customer Feedback Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In this webinar in partnership with Product Collective, we will discuss 4 common customer feedback mistakes you should avoid to build a great product.
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airfocus Insights Walkthrough

Our CEO & CPO Malte reveals how to use the airfocus Insights app in the most efficient way to uncover actionable insights for product discovery and strategy.
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The State of Modern Product Management

In this webinar, you will learn about the rising importance of product management in organizations, how the pandemic has shaped the industry, and why modularity in product management is becoming more important.
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From Features to Outcome: How To Build Roadmaps Your Stakeholders Will Love

In this webinar in partnership with Product Management Festival, you will learn how to build more effective roadmaps and rally your organization around your product vision.
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The 4 Secrets of Prioritization: Tips & Best Practices

Andrea talked about setting clear objectives, running discovery, using a framework to foster discussion and much more. This is a must-have to understand prioritization.
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Product Cafecito with Andrea Saez

Andrea gave a crash course on how to create a roadmap, what should be on it, how you should prioritize, and more.
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Product Led

Learn how to create a product adoption strategy with Andrea Saez.
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Hexnode Partner Summit 2021

Learn all about prioritization frameworks. Andrea addressed some of the popular frameworks and why they do not help with decision making.
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