Andrei Tiburca

Andrei Tiburca

UX Expert
Andrei is an experienced marketer and content creator. Driving organic growth is what Andrei does best but he is more of a SaaS marketing Swiss army knife.
Roadmapping 26 Nov 2021
Business Intelligence Roadmaps: How To Plan For BI Outcomes
A Business Intelligence roadmap helps key stakeholders to track and visualize all of your BI data across organizational silos, over time.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 23 Nov 2021
5 Software Solutions To Stop Using Excel and Improve Your Productivity
Many companies still rely on Excel to manage aspects of their work. However, these digital alternatives to Excel are much more efficient and also increase your productivity.
By Andrei Tiburca
How To Manage Customer Feedback
No matter what your product or what sector you operate in, your customer is the core driver of business and your most valuable asset. If you choose to ignore customer feedback, you’re choosing to lose those customers. It couldn’t be any simpler.
By Andrei Tiburca
How To Write a Product Feedback Survey That Works
Most brands are excellent at talking about what they do, why they do it, and why clients should work with them. But when it comes to listening? That can be a whole different ball game. 
By Andrei Tiburca
Best Customer Feedback Management Software in 2022
For years, the brightest minds in business struggled with ways to get inside a customer’s head and find out what they truly want from a product. Then someone had a brilliant idea: why not just ask?
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Strategy 29 Sep 2021
How To Kill Product Features Without Losing Customers
Features that aren’t used cost money to support. Let's discover when should you kill a feature, what to consider when you do it and how to communicate it to your users.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 27 Apr 2021
Product Management Made Easy With airfocus Toolbox - Malte Scholz Interview on WebsitePlanet
In this interview, Co-Founder & CEO Malte Scholz describes the hardships of product management, and how they can be overcome with airfocus.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 23 Mar 2021
5 Need-to-Know Product Management Trends for 2021
We’ve knocked our heads together and compiled the ultimate list of 5 product management trends for this year.
By Andrei Tiburca
25 Geeky Puns and Memes That Product People Will Love
We usually write guides on roadmapping, but this week we want to make your week brighter with our 25 favorite geeky jokes that product people will love.
By Andrei Tiburca
The Pioneers of Product Management - A Brief History
If product manager curious about your own legacy, or simply not sure what a product manager does, our history of product management should fill you in.
By Andrei Tiburca
How Remote Work Has Affected Product Management (How To Adapt)
Join us in finding what impact has this shift to remote working had on product teams and what tactics should we be adopting to adapt.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Strategy 4 Sep 2020
Why Aligning PMs with Customer Support is Key to Success
Do digital products perform better when the product management team works closely with customer support? It’s a biggie, we know. So we’d better get started.
By Andrei Tiburca
Agile 23 Jul 2020
The Best Agile Project Management Software in 2022
Agile project management software makes it easier to plan. Here is our pick of the best agile tools and project management software around in 2022.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Strategy 10 Jul 2020
Working Remotely With Remote Clients - Here’s What You Need
The challenges of working with remote clients: 4 things to keep in mind and 4 tools to make working with remote clients an easier task.
By Andrei Tiburca
Prioritization 22 May 2020
A Quick Guide to Buy-a-Feature and How To Play It
Companies and people have developed various frameworks and models for prioritization. Let's talk about one of our favorites, the Buy-a-Feature Method.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 24 Apr 2020
18 SaaS Tools To Help Remote Teams During COVID-19
Lots of SaaS companies are offering a wide range of free tools and resources to support businesses affected by the pandemic. Here are our favourite 18.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Strategy 16 Apr 2020
Start-Ups, Here’s What to Expect and How to React to Coronavirus
We've put together an essential guide for start-ups during the COVID-19 panic: where we’ve been, where we’re going, and what to expect.
By Andrei Tiburca
Career 7 Apr 2020
airfolks Share #1 - Our Home Office Setup
In this 'airfolks Share' series we, the folks at airfocus, share how we are working remotely, being in quarantine, and all the other fun stuff.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 25 Mar 2020
Switching To Remote Work - Here’s What You Need To Consider
During quarantine, the number of product teams going remote will likely increase. Here's what you need to consider when switching to remote work.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Strategy 20 Mar 2020
The Ultimate Guide to Group Decision Making - Techniques, Tools and Strategies
With the appropriate techniques, tools, and strategies in your toolbox, you can transform a room of colleagues into a well-oiled decision-making machine. Find out more, in our ultimate guide to group decision-making.
By Andrei Tiburca
Prioritization 6 Mar 2020
The Ultimate Guide for How to Prioritize (When Everything's a Priority)
Let's look at the science of prioritization and how to prioritize your workflow. Find useful priority examples and prioritization templates.
By Andrei Tiburca
How To Create a Project Overview + 5 Project Overview Templates
A project overview is a practical tool, designed to empower managers. Here are 5 project overview templates to get you started.
By Andrei Tiburca
Roadmapping 27 Feb 2020
What Is a Business Roadmap — How to Set up a Business Roadmap
A business roadmap is a long-term strategic document that shows where your company is going. Here's how to create one using a business roadmap checklist.
By Andrei Tiburca
Career 19 Feb 2020
16 Best Product Management Certifications and Certified Courses in 2022
To help you get started on your journey, we’ve scoured a range of options and narrowed the list down to the 16 best product management courses in 2022.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 14 Feb 2020
Best Product Management Tools In 2022 — A Product Management Tools Comparison
Product management tools have transformed the way we work in the past few years. Here are the best product management tools in 2022.
By Andrei Tiburca
Roadmapping 5 Feb 2020
The Best Product Roadmap Software in 2022: An In-depth Roadmap Software Comparison
A product roadmap can help teams from concept to completion, and help project managers stay stress-free. Here are the 5 best product roadmap softwares.
By Andrei Tiburca
Roadmapping 30 Jan 2020
The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Roadmaps – Templates, Examples, and Marketing Roadmaps
In this guide, we’ll explain exactly what a marketing roadmap is, why you should use one, the different types of marketing roadmap, and more.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 23 Jan 2020
Easy To Use Project Plan Templates for Busy Product Managers
Whether you’re prioritizing items, or getting a new innovation market-ready, a project plan template will help you deliver on time, on budget, and on scope.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Strategy 17 Jan 2020
#1 the Product Graveyard - Why Did Netscape Fail
Why did Netscape fail? Poor product planning can kill an organization the size of Netscape. Let's dive into what went wrong.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Management 14 Jan 2020
Product Management Roles and Hierarchy - A List of All Product Management Roles
There’s a clear hierarchy to product teams. But, what exactly are the product management roles? And — because we’re all curious — how much do they earn?
By Andrei Tiburca
Dear Product Managers, Churn Is Good for You
Churn is inherently bad, no questioning that. It is also a signal that can help product managers spot where they’re going wrong with their product.
By Andrei Tiburca
Career 20 Dec 2019
The Best Product Management Conferences of 2020
2020 was a wild year, but that didn't stop some some amazing conferences. Here's a list of some of the best product management conferences of 2020.
By Andrei Tiburca
Prioritization 19 Dec 2019
Scope Creep - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Today I want to tell you a bit about the good, the bad and the ugly of scope creep. How to avoid scope creep and detect it in your important projects. 
By Andrei Tiburca
Career 10 Dec 2019
The Ultimate Guide To Hiring a Successful Product Manager (+17 Insanely Insightful Interview Questions)
Hiring a product manager has proven to be crucial for the success of your company, here is our ultimate guide for hiring a successful product manager.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Strategy 6 Dec 2019
5 Actionable Tips Product Managers Can Learn From Elon Musk
What sets Elon Musk apart as a product manager? What are the lessons that other product managers can learn from him to translate into their own work?
By Andrei Tiburca
Roadmapping 2 Dec 2019
An In-depth Guide to Product Roadmaps - Software, Templates, and Examples
A product roadmap is a tool to help you lay out the strategic direction of your product over time. Here's a guide to everything you need to know them.
By Andrei Tiburca
Product Strategy 14 Nov 2019
How to Bake Customer Loyalty into Every Product
Attracting a new customer is five times more costly than retaining one you already have. Here's how you build customer loyalty in every product.
By Andrei Tiburca
Roadmapping 12 Nov 2019
What Is a Roadmap? The Ultimate Guide for Roadmapping Updated for 2022
What is a roadmap: A roadmap is a high-level overview of a product or project’s vision and direction over time.
By Andrei Tiburca
6 Product Managers That You Should Start Following Right Now
Here are six of the best leaders in product management. They've got loads of industry knowledge, powerful strategies, and killer insight to share.
By Andrei Tiburca

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