Kent McDonald

Kent McDonald

Product Manager & Writer @ KBPmedia
Kent is an accomplished product management professional who works with cross functional teams to discover and deliver maximum outcome with minimum output. He uses business analysis and facilitation techniques to build a shared understanding between product teams and stakeholders from all relevant parts of the organization.
Roadmapping 10 Mar 2022
Why You Should Use a Product Management Tool for Your Roadmaps
Are you contemplating switching your company to a new dedicated product management solution? If yes, this article can lead you and help you a lot with all the processes from ideation to execution.
By Kent McDonald
Prioritization 18 Nov 2021
How You Can Benefit From a Prioritization Grid
The prioritization grid, and a related technique the prioritization matrix provide one set of criteria. Let’s take a look at what these techniques are and how  you can use them to narrow down the options you have to pick from and ultimately pick which option to work on first.
By Kent McDonald
Product Strategy 3 Nov 2021
How Product Managers Navigate the Product Lifecycle
Have you ever discovered that the product management techniques that served you well on past products just don’t seem to be working in your latest effort?
By Kent McDonald
Agile 3 Nov 2021
How To Put the Product in an Agile Team
A key piece of every agile software development framework is the notion of a cross functional team that has all the skills necessary to deliver value on a regular basis. These teams go by a variety of names, whether it’s a scrum team in the Scrum framework or an agile team in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).
By Kent McDonald
Product Management 21 May 2021
Product Team Structure - How Product Managers, Product Owners, and Business Analysts Collaborate
Here’s an explanation of the difference between roles and titles, a description of the three common product titles, and how product teams are structrued.
By Kent McDonald
What Does Product Management in Fintech Look Like in 2022
I spent my career working on internal products in a variety of different organizations. Here’s a look at my experience so far.
By Kent McDonald

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