Agile 3 Nov 2021
How To Put the Product in an Agile Team
A key piece of every agile software development framework is the notion of a cross functional team that has all the skills necessary to deliver value on a regular basis. These teams go by a variety of names, whether it’s a scrum team in the Scrum framework or an agile team in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).
By Kent McDonald
Agile 9 Sep 2020
A PM’s Actionable Guide on Running Effective Sprint Planning Remotely
Here are a few tips I’ve been using as a Senior Product Manager at DAZN and TravelPerk to improve the efficiency of my own Sprint Planning remotely.
By Richard Giannetti
Agile 10 Aug 2020
Why Creativity, Not Just Experience, Is Key To Successful Product Teams
When it comes to creativity vs. experience, disruptive tech is the perfect example of what can happen when creativity is allowed free-rein on a project.
By Valentin Firak
Agile 23 Jul 2020
The Best Agile Project Management Software in 2022
Agile project management software makes it easier to plan. Here is our pick of the best agile tools and project management software around in 2022.
By Andrei Tiburca
Agile 11 Jun 2019
9 Common User Story Mistakes Most Product Managers Make
In this article, we'll run through 9 of the most common user story mistakes that product managers make, as well as tips on how to do better.
By Valentin Firak

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