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9 Inspiring and Motivating Product Management Conferences in 2021

  • The best product management conferences of 2021
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Product management 12 Apr 8 mins read Andrei Tiburca

The last year has been a strange, strange, and challenging time. Face-to-face meetings have all but disappeared, and many of the calendar’s big dates have been postponed, canceled, or reimagined and rebranded by Zoom.

But things are changing — albeit slowly.

As the vaccine rollout gathers pace and the world slowly re-emerges from lockdown, some of this year’s big events and festivals may actually happen… wait for it...  IN PERSON!

Yep! We’re excited too.

2021 promises to bring with it a bunch of fantastic product management conferences. And, in fact, because so many of 2020’s conference events never made it off the ground, there’s even more hype this time around.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

We are all eager to return to normal and can’t wait to get back in the swing of things. So even if your country isn’t able to host in-person events just yet, there are still loads of reasons to be excited about product management conferences in 2021. 

And, as much as we jest about Zoom, fully virtual or semi-virtual conferences are actually a huge plus. It’s easier than ever to dip in and out of events and balance your daily responsibilities while broadening your product management horizons. 

And conferences have the potential to be even more inspiring, with keynote speakers dialing in from anywhere in the world.

We can’t wait.

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t behind us yet, so plans and dates may change. But 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for product management events and festivals. 

Here’s what we mean...

The best product management conferences of 2021

Mind the Product

Mind the Product is the world’s largest product management conference. 

Their annual flagship conferences in San Francisco, Singapore, and London draw huge crowds every year, as do their smaller — but no less exciting — regional events in Hamburg (Germany) and Manchester (UK). 

This year they’ve moved the conference series online and have pivoted to a purely digital experience. They do have plans to get together in person in 2022, though, with dates already set for Hamburg.

What is there to look forward to at Mind the Product?

Mind the Product unites some of the most impressive and inspirational product leaders from across the globe. A deep dive into design, technology, and business, this conference is an unmissable experience for anyone looking to design and create better products.

So that’s… all of us then.

When and where is Mind the Product 2021?

Mind the Product’s events will be digital-only throughout 2021, but they have scheduled an in-person conference in Hamburg for 2022.

Mind the Product’s digital conferences will be held across 2021 on the following dates:

  • Digital APAC - 14th-15th April 2021

  • Digital Americas - 14th-15th July 2021

  • Digital EMEA - w/c 18th October 2021

The Hamburg conference will be held on 17th June 2022.

How much is a ticket to Mind the Product?

Early bird tickets start at $449

To find out more about Mind the Product, check out their website.


INDUSTRY: Virtual is the ultimate digital professional get-together for software product managers.

INDUSTRY: The Product Conference started life as a bootstrapped event in 2015. What started in Cleveland, Ohio, has ended up attracting attendees from across the US and around the world. The conference grew rapidly and in 2019 boasted a delegate list of over 1,200 people. 

What is there to look forward to at INDUSTRY?

This year INDUSTRY has taken the whole thing online and is offering a virtual conference including 10+ hours of keynote talks, engaging Q&As, a podcast series produced specifically for the event, and video networking. 

Guests even get a comprehensive takeaway pack of exclusive content to help you build, launch and scale world-class software products.

Sign us up!

When and where is INDUSTRY 2021?

INDUSTRY: Virtual will be held on 20th, and 21st April at 11 am EST.

How much is a ticket to INDUSTRY?

Tickets start at $175.

To find out more about INDUSTRY, check out their website.

ProductCon (series)

The ProductCon series is the world’s largest online product management conference, spread across four dates throughout the year. 

Hosted through an innovative virtual event platform, it seamlessly welcomes digital attendees to an experience that mimics the look and feel of a traditional in-person conference. Snazzy!

What is there to look forward to at ProductCon?

Every year, ProductCon explores the most cutting-edge and relevant issues in the product world. 15,000+ product managers and developers tune in to get the latest news, check out expert presentations, do some virtual schmoozing, and even pick up swag from digital stalls. 

ProductCon also boasts one of the largest online product communities out there, with over 1 million members and counting. Becoming part of this community offers an unrivaled opportunity to tune in to product management ideas and innovations from all over the planet. 

When and where is ProductCon 2021?

ProductCon will be held online on the following dates:

  • June 24th, 2021

  • September 23rd, 2021

  • November 18th, 2021

  • February 10th, 2022

How much is a ticket to ProductCon?

The tickets to this product management conference are absolutely free.

To find out more about ProductCon, check out their website.

Atlassian Team ‘21

Atlassian Team ‘21 is all about, you guessed it, teamwork. Unleashing a team’s full potential is the key focus of this high-profile event — and exploring how innovation, technology, and new ways of thinking can help you do this.

What is there to look forward to at Atlassian Team ‘21?

Atlassian Team ‘21 boasts some big names from the world of product and beyond, with industry leaders and exceptional thinkers from around the world lined up to speak. People like Malcolm Gladwell, Stewart Butterfield, and Jill Ellis top the bill, but pretty much every session is a heavy-hitter.

When and where is Atlassian Team ‘21?

Atlassian Team ‘21 will take place virtually on 28th and 29th April.

How much is a ticket to Atlassian Team ‘21?

Standard Access tickets are free, and All-Access tickets start at $100.

To find out more about Atlassian Team ‘21, check out their website.

Women in Product

Women in Product has been a pioneering event for a few years now and is the only product management conference with an exclusive focus on female product professionals.

This year they have moved online, but the conference is still shaping up to be as inspirational and innovative as ever.

What is there to look forward to at Women in Product?

In 2021, Women in Product will take a look at the challenges thrown up over the last year and the new opportunities that have appeared alongside them. With a wealth of avenues and ideas coming out of the difficult months we’ve faced, now is the perfect opportunity to discuss, analyze and explore how to move forward. 

Trailblazing keynote speakers are chosen from over 530 submissions headline the conference, while group sessions and Speed Networking events offer brilliant opportunities to meet and learn from other women who work in product roles. 

When and where is Women in Product 2021?

Women in Product takes place virtually on 25th-27th May 2021.

How much is a ticket to Women in Product?

Tickets to Women in Product start at $199.

To find out more about Women in Product, check out their website.

Leading the Product Digital

Leading the Product takes a sideways approach to its conference — focusing on powerful insights delivered through ‘edutainment.’ 

This year the event is fully digital and will explore the theme of the 7 T’s of Product-Led Transformation. The aim of Leading the Product is to bring product-led transformation to everyone through an alternative conference experience.

What is there to look forward to at Leading the Product Digital?

Leading the Product is an immersive experience. Prepare yourself to embark on a product adventure (seriously!) as you compete with others delegates in challenges, make decisions together and decide the outcome of the day in a unique digital experience. 

The conference fosters a powerful sense of community and togetherness, engages its audience in a new and groundbreaking way, and helps build teams and teach them to be product-led.

When and where is Leading the Product Digital 2021?

This is another fully virtual product conference, taking place on 26th May 2021.

How much is a ticket to Leading the Product Digital?

Tickets start at $399.

To learn more about Leading the Product, check out their website.

Product Drive

Product Drive brings together some of the brightest minds and most successful names in product for a series of talks, originally held over two days and now freely available. 

Top-thought leaders of the product world share their insights, experience, and insider knowledge at this excellent virtual product management event.

What is there to look forward to at Product Drive?

Product Drive showcases the latest trends in data analytics, growth, product ops and leadership. Brands like PayPal, Atlassian and Google are all represented — with founders, directors and product leads all sharing their wisdom.

As it stands, it looks like the website archives previous conference talks, making the content free for anyone to watch and learn from.

When and where is Product Drive 2021?

All the Product Drive talks are freely available online.

How much is a ticket to Product Drive?

Product Drive talks are free.

To find out more about Product Drive, check out their website.

Growth Marketing Summit

Growth Marketing Summit is the biggest gathering of professionals working in digital growth and optimization in Europe. 

Growth Marketing Summit presents 12 TED-style talks over the course of one action-packed day, designed to provide insight into a more data-focused, user-driven approach to growth, scaling and sustainable success. 

What is there to look forward to at Growth Marketing Summit?

This promises to be one of the most exciting in-person events in the product management calendar for 2021. A chance to get together with fellow professionals, share tips, network, drop names and let your hair down a little with like-minded product peeps.

When and where is Growth Marketing Summit 2021?

Growth Marketing Summit takes place on 2nd September 2021 in Alte Oper - Frankfurt am Main.

How much is a ticket to Growth Marketing Summit?

Tickets start at $119 for enrolled students and $799 for general access.

To find out more about Growth Marketing Summit, check out their website.

Product Management Festival Europe

Product Management Festival’s annual European conference is back at a physical location with an in-person event after a year of digital hiatus. 

This exciting event brings together product experts from a wide range of sectors and industries.

What is there to look forward to at Product Management Festival Europe?

With over 78 sessions to choose from, there’s a huge range on offer. This product conference is an excellent opportunity to discover what other product managers prioritize and how they approach their work. 

For many, PMF Europe serves as a yardstick to analyze current practices, compare their teams to industry-leading companies, and work out what changes could work for them. 

When and where is Product Management Festival Europe 2021?

Product Management Festival Europe will take place on 10th and 11th November 2021 in Zurich.

How much is a ticket to Product Management Festival Europe 2021?

This conference is the most expensive on our line up, with tickets starting at $1,067 for Early Bird access.

To find out more about the Product Management Festival, check out their website.

There’s a good year ahead of us!

However challenging the past year might have been, the future is looking increasingly bright. 

And with conferences, events and festivals taking place across the world, the product management schedule promises to be a good one in 2021. 

What’s more, with the world of work irrevocably changed, we could all do with a little virtual or in-person networking to put a spring back in our steps. We may just learn something new while we’re at it too!

See you there.

Looking for more product news and insights? Then check out the rest of the airfocus blog too.

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