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Product Management

5 Inspiring and Motivating Product Management Conferences in 2022

31 Jan 20226 mins read
Tomas Prochazka
5 Inspiring and Motivating Product Management Conferences in 2022
By Tomas Prochazka

Is that a collective sigh of relief we can hear from, well, the front, back, and all sides of the room? It is! Despite the last couple of years being fraught with uncertainty and tentative plan-making, we’re now leaving all of that behind — finally emerging on the other side!

This is the year to really put yourself out there and throw yourself at new opportunities. It’s the year of networking and meeting new people in the product management industry, to help propel your career to the next level. 

And while 2020 and 2021 left much to be desired, there were also some great things to come out of them!

A few years ago it might have seemed impossible for you to attend international conferences. It’s not always feasible to hop on a plane and travel halfway across the world — even if it is one of the largest, most anticipated conferences in product management!

Nowadays, you’ll be given the opportunity to attend many conferences on a virtual basis. Some events may be entirely virtual, while others may be a hybrid; allowing remote attendees to listen in or participate in largely in-person events. 

With renowned product management conferences now being more accessible, you’ll be able to hear from the brilliant minds of some of the biggest names in product management — without ever having to leave your couch!


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The best product management conferences of 2022

So, grab your diaries and get ready to note down some key dates, because we’ve pulled together a list of the 5 major conferences you won’t want to miss out on! 

1. Mind the Product

Mind the product

You might have heard of a little organization called Mind the Product.

That’s because it’s the world’s largest PM conference, with annual flagship conferences based in San Francisco, Singapore, and London. 

What’s happening at Mind the Product?

At this major conferencing event, you’ll hear from the most inspiring product owners and industry leaders — all coming together to share their own stories and ideas with PMs, as well as entrepreneurs and aspiring founders. 

Speakers will explore how we bring together the three pillars of technology, design, and business to form what we all know and love: the world of product design and management.

Keynote speakers at Mind the Product 2022

Here are some of the names that you can expect to hear from during Mind the Product this year:

Key dates and locations for Mind the Product 2022

Each date of this event will bring different people and different experiences so — as they say on the website — you could attend one event, or attend them all!

Mind the Product offers in-person, digital-only, and hybrid conferences so that you won’t have to miss out on this key industry event. 

  • San Francisco and Americas (hybrid), May 24-25th 

  • Hamburg (in-person), June 15-17th 

  • London + EMEA (hybrid), October 13-14th 

  • Singapore (TBD).

Tickets to Mind the Product

It’s worth noting that by purchasing a ticket for #MTPCON, you’ll secure an annual membership with Mind the Product worth over $250!

Ticket prices start at $499 – $1,499.

To find out more about Mind the Product, check out their website

2. Women in Product

Woman in Product

There is still some way to go before the product industry achieves gender equality and diversity, which is why female-focused organizations such as Women in Product are so important.

What’s happening at Women in Product?

WIP’s annual conference creates the opportunity for thousands of like-minded women from across the world to come together and swap insights and tips into the industry.

Successful women in product take to the stage share their inspirational stories and experiences with those looking to carve out their career in this competitive field.  

This year will be focused on Restore & Rediscover, where attendees are encouraged to recognize their own inner strength, their internal resources, as well as those made available by the Women in Product community. The aim is to get the attendees to reconnect with those parts of themselves that thrive in their work and rekindle their passion for product management. 

Keynote speakers at Women in Product

While the speakers have not yet been revealed for the annual conference, there is a current call for submissions for women to speak!

… Could it be you?

If you’re keen to work on your public speaking skills and raise your profile as a woman in product, take the leap and apply here! Submissions close on February 8th.

Key dates and locations for Women in Product 2022

The conference will be held virtually on May 10-11th.


Tickets for this event have not yet been released, but you can sign up to be the first to hear about them here.

Last year, tickets started at $199, so you can expect similar prices this year. 

To find out more about Women in Product, check out their website

3. Product World

Product World

This conference or tradeshow is a hub for technically-driven product managers and developers. Co-located with DeveloperWeek, Product World typically attracts 8,000 software engineers and IT managers each year.

What’s happening at Product World?

You’ll hear from Silicon Valley’s finest, with product success stories from well-known professionals in the tech space. 

They’ll be discussing topics such as:

  • Product development lifecycles

  • Agile management and rapid prototyping

  • New product management software and technologies

  • Design

  • Team roles

  • Career growth.

Keynote speakers at Product World 2022

This global conference boasts the likes of:

Key dates and locations

This event is held virtually on February 7-9th. 

Tickets to Product World 2022

Prices start at $100 for professional engineers and developers. 

To find out more about Product World, check out their website.

4. INDUSTRY: The Product Conference

Industry product conference

The INDUSTRY organization describes the product field as ‘widely misunderstood’, with many product managers feeling demoralized and wondering if they’re doing their job right.

The Product Conference, therefore, invites software product managers to the annual event to teach people more about the industry, giving a much-needed morale boost. 

What’s happening at INDUSTRY?

INDUSTRY Virtual hope that you’ll leave the conference feeling that:

  • You have a greater influence within your workplace

  • You’re more confident in your daily duties as a product manager

  • You’ve gained new perspectives

  • You have found your tribe of like-minded people

  • Had the opportunity to speak directly with the experts and ask them your burning questions. 

They even create notes containing the key takeaways from the conference, so that you can stay in the moment without worrying about taking your own.

Keynote speakers at INDUSTRY: The Product Conference

Speakers haven’t been announced yet. But when they are, you’ll find them here.

Key dates and locations

This event is held virtually on October 18th.

Tickets to INDUSTRY

Prices start at $99 for general admission.

To find out more about INDUSTRY, check out their website.

5. Product-Led Summit

Product Led Summit

This conference aims to educate its attendees on how product management can be positioned as the primary growth engine to drive acquisition, retention, as well as monetization. 

They strongly encourage networking — your next hire could be at one of these summits!

What’s happening at Product-Led Summit?

Product pioneers gather for this conference to exchange insights and strategies for making an impact with your product. The overarching agenda for the international conference includes:

  • How product-led growth (PLG) leverages freemium models

  • How PLG fits into the flywheel

  • Building a strong product-led foundation

  • Turning users into customers

  • Driving the application and usage of your product

  • Building Product-Led growth teams for success

  • Using data to drive product-led growth decision making

  • Creating delightful product experiences.

Keynote speakers at Product-Led Summit 2022

This conference occurs in multiple countries all over the world, so expect to see different speakers at each event. That said, the top speakers listed for the ‘world series’ include:

Key dates and locations for Product-Led Summit 2022

These conferences are held in person: 

  • Austin, February 16th

  • New York, March 23-24th

  • Amsterdam, May 19th

  • Las Vegas, May 26-27th

  • San Francisco, November 7-8th

  • Singapore, November 10th

  • London, November 23rd.

Chief Product Officer Summits are also running on the following dates, too:

  • San Francisco, November 7th

  • London, November 23rd.

Tickets to Product-Led Summit 2022

Tickets start at £400 for startup access. 

To find out more about Product-Led Summit, check out their website here.

Ready to learn and network?

With so many inspiring product managers gathering all over the world, we’re sure that you’ll have a heck of a product-ive year. (Sorry!)

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you’d like to find even more product news and insights, don’t forget to visit the airfocus blog and our events.

P.S.: airfocus is sponsoring the upcoming ProductCon in February. Come visit our booth during the breaks for some product content freebies 

Tomas Prochazka

Tomas Prochazka

Content Marketing Manager @ Usersnap
Tomas is a passionate content strategist with strong knowledge of SEO principles and organic growth models. Over the last years he has been working in various lead content and SEO roles for European companies in the B2B SaaS industry, as currently he leads all content activities at Usersnap....more
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