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Best Product Management Podcasts You Need to Stream Today

18 Aug 20227 mins read
Tomas Prochazka
Best Product Management Podcasts You Need to Stream Today
By Tomas Prochazka

A product manager's world is constantly evolving and shifting. The best product managers consistently have ideas brewing, with exciting new innovations on the way. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with the industry, and the latest trends and updates.

However, with such a busy daily schedule, it’s not always feasible to find the time to read the latest articles and think-pieces, or scroll through forums and discussion boards.

Podcasts have boomed in popularity in recent years, and for very good reason. In fact, around 62% of the population has listened to a podcast in the past. Podcasts are ideal for multi-taskers, like product managers and leaders.

Not only are they a convenient medium, but 74% of regular listeners do so to learn new things about their interests or industries. They can be a great way to absorb new information, and get the creative juices flowing, in your spare time.

So, bearing this in mind, we have generated a list of the best product management podcasts for PMs at every stage!


All You Need To Know About Product Management

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Best podcasts for product managers

We’ll start with the basic all-rounders. These are the podcasts that all product managers, whether beginners or experts, need in their wheelhouse. Take a look at the following:

The Product Podcast

Product Podcast

One of the most popular product management podcasts around, The Product Podcast targets PMs of all levels and experiences. This podcast has been going strong for ten seasons, with interviews from a variety of product managers and leaders.

The Product Podcast covers topics from every area of product management, including how to begin in product management and development, to the latest trends in the industry. Since the speakers cover a variety of industries, it’s a great way to get to know more about this sector.

It’s available on a variety of platforms, including Spotify and Apple podcasts - so add this to your library wherever you listen!

Product Thinking

Product Thinking

Created by Melissa Perri, expert product manager and thought leader in the space, this podcast is for product managers looking for more.

Product Thinking looks at how taking a step back and taking a holistic approach to product management improves systems as a whole. It doesn’t stop there though, Melissa regularly hosts guests that provide real-life scenarios and discuss solutions and their experiences.

This podcast is a great resource for juniors and experts alike, that are looking to expand their everyday approach and progress into leadership thinking.

This one is available on the majority of popular podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts. In short 30-40 minute episodes, this one is worth your attention each week.



100PM, or 100 Product Managers, does what it says on the tin. Host Suzanne Abate has made it her mission to interview 100 product managers to learn more about this exciting industry.

Each episode is an interview with one expert, discussing their experiences, and real-life scenarios that you can learn from. Guests include PMs and experts from Marvel, Audible, Conde Nast, and more.

From startups to full enterprise businesses, there’s something for everyone, and experts hail from a variety of industries.

Unfortunately, the podcast finished airing new episodes in 2020, but we still think this is a valuable addition to any PMs arsenal. Available on Apple Podcasts and more!

Podcasts for product development and inspiration

Not all inspiration and innovation come from the daily operations of a product manager. You need to understand the context behind every innovation and idea. New perspectives help to feed your innovation, and that’s what we’ve used to decide on the following choices:

How I Built This

How I Built This

While not specific to product managers, this podcast is key for anyone interested in understanding the processes behind some of the biggest innovations in recent history.

How I Built This tells the origin stories of some of the most recognizable businesses in the world, including Twitch, Paypal, Bumble, and more. Interviewer, Guy Raz, regularly expands beyond business, and takes a deeper dive into the lives and experiences behind these great enterprises.

Looking for inspiring stories and fresh business ideas? Each hour-long episode of the How I Built This podcast is available wherever you usually stream your podcasts!


All You Need To Know About Product Management

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Mixergy podcast

Like How I Built This, the Mixergy podcast isn’t specifically aimed at product managers, but rather business leaders as a whole. However, the challenging questions posed by the experienced entrepreneur and interviewer, Andrew Warner, make this a real thought-provoking series.

Many of the goals and challenges faced by these entrepreneurs overlap with product management. Their solutions might just be the spark you need to get over that hurdle you’ve been battling. Take inspiration from leaders at LinkedIn, Pixar, Groupon, and more.

As usual, this podcast is available on the majority of streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Expert product management podcasts for leaders

Product management leaders face the challenge of inspiring themselves, and their teams, to build great solutions. Their responsibilities extend beyond great ideas and innovation. Here are some of the best product management podcasts for aspiring or established product leaders.

Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale podcast

Hosted by the co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, Masters of Scale is about growth. This series is for product managers that are looking to take their ideas further, and become real industry leaders.

Hear from founders of multi-million dollar companies, about the growing pains of their products, and how they turned their journey around.

This podcast takes on a creative persona, with narration and sound effects to really tell the stories. Feel fully immersed in the truth about the likes of Netflix and Nike. Find this one on Spotify, Amazon, and more.

Product Coffee

Product Coffee

Hear purely from product management leaders in Product Coffee. Each episode is a half an hour trip into the world of product management leadership, you guessed it, over a cup of coffee.

This podcast promises to help you level up your product career, with stories, advice, and debates on the world of product management.

Topics include mental health in product management, managing people and culture, and the benefits of agile teams. With 114 episodes, and counting, this podcast is the perfect bitesize content for busy product managers.

Stream on Spotify!

Beyond the To-Do List

Beyond the To-Do List

You might be wondering why we are recommending a productivity podcast as one of our best product management podcasts, but effective product leadership is about more than just product management.

Strategic planning is key to any product manager, but especially leaders. Managing a team and the pressure that comes with leadership present challenges. Understanding how to maximize your time, your work-life balance, your productivity, and more, are all important skills.

Beyond the To-Do List features interviews with a variety of guests, including entrepreneurs, journalists, best-sellers, product executives, and more.

If you’re looking for strategy guidance, or just personal improvement, stream Beyond the To-Do List on Apple, Amazon, or Google.

Making time for quality product management podcasts is just one way you can succeed as the product manager of the modern industry. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide that looks into the critical topics that every product manager needs to know.

This is Product Management

This is product management podcast

The world of product management is pretty complicated, especially for newcomers. This is Product Management is the perfect companion for those looking to get into the area but maybe don’t realize the journey they have ahead of them. Not many podcasts are willing to explore the complexities of product management, focusing instead on interviews and “hot tips.” This is Product Management does things a little differently. The podcast digs deep into the minutia of product management to give listeners a complete picture of our world. Newcomers get to experience literally everything the profession offers, allowing them to jump confidently into their roles. 

But this podcast isn’t just for newcomers. It’s a perfect companion for those looking to improve their skills, build their knowledge, and still get those key tips and trend updates. 

With 100 episodes already released and new ones coming at least once a month, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into with this brilliant podcast.

Rocketship FM

Rocketship FM podcast

Rocketship FM is a little different from the other entries on our list. It’s aimed towards "entrepreneurs, product managers, and anyone working in tech today,” so you’re getting a little bit extra with every episode. 

On the podcast, they focus on productivity, product research, and growth hacking. Yet there’s always more to be discovered in each episode as they chat with various great minds.

The hosts have great chemistry with their guests, which makes for fun and insightful conversations. And let’s face it, we could all do with a breath of fresh air to get away from the awkward stuffy Zoom conversations we’ve grown used to.

With over 600 episodes released so far and praise by Forbes, the Huffington Post, and Entrepreneur magazine (to name just a few!), you can’t afford to miss the Rocketship FM podcast.

Inside Intercom

Inside Intercom podcast

Inside Intercom is a great listen for product managers from SaaS, tech, and product worlds. Listeners love host Liam’s ability to truly engage the guest and pull valuable, interesting anecdotes that may not have come up in a more formulaic interview.  

If you’re looking for insightful and actionable ideas, you can’t miss Inside Intercom. Intercom also offers Intercom on Product which is hosted by the company’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Des Traynor, joined by his co-host and SVP of product at Intercom, Paul Adams. They take a deep look into what it takes to create successful products at scale, with a huge range of experience to pull from.    

Traynor and Adams talk about everything you could possibly need to know about product, including balancing customer feedback on roadmaps, maintaining excellence in a fast-growing R&D team, and spreading a product-first mentality throughout your organization. 

The Scrum Master Toolbox

The Scrum Master Toolbox

Here’s one for the Agile product managers out there. Keeping with the Agile mentality, The Scrum Master Toolbox offers bite-sized episodes that remove all the fluff and provide pure value. Perfect for a quick coffee break or preparing for your next stand-up meeting.

The unique part of The Scrum Master Toolbox is that it breaks up interviews over multiple episodes, really allowing you to focus and absorb the knowledge in each conversation. They promise an episode each weekday with Certified Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and business consultant Vasco Duarte interviewing various guests. This should offer more than enough for you to sink your teeth in, especially if you’re a binge listener!

Be sure to tune in for a truly different style of podcast that gives you enough pause to truly digest the tips and new perspectives.


All You Need To Know About Product Management

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airfocus eBook All You Need To Know About Product Management
All You Need To Know About Product Management
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