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airfocus in 2023: A Remarkable Year in Review

21 Dec 20234 mins read
Malte Scholz
airfocus in 2023: A Remarkable Year in Review
By Malte Scholz

As 2024 approaches, I find myself reflecting on the incredible journey we've had at airfocus this past year. It's been a mix of highs and lows, a true rollercoaster of emotions and experiences.

Like many in SaaS, I have ambivalent feelings about 2023. It's been a year that tested our resilience, unleashed our creativity, and strengthened our commitment to our customers and team.

Allow me to share with you some highlights from this journey.

The year of fundraising

Like most startups, we too have had to adapt to a different tech world compared to just 2 years ago, which means working smarter, in a more resourceful way, and navigating a difficult fundraising environment.

Amid signs of instability in SaaS and a tense global climate for startups, we embarked on a fundraising journey. Stay tuned for some exciting news on this front.


Objectives and OKRs: Our biggest and most strategic feature of the year

In response to the growing need among product managers for more strategic focus and effective goal-setting, as evidenced by the results of numerous Gartner surveys, we introduced airfocus Objectives and OKRs. This feature is far more than just an addition to our platform; it's a solution for a critical pain within the product management community.

OKRs and Objectives app

The airfocus Objectives and OKRs app supercharges product strategy by seamlessly integrating OKRs, roadmaps, and workflows into one cohesive system. This effectively replaces spreadsheets and disjointed strategies, fostering team alignment and efficiency. With this app, tracking progress across various teams becomes effortless, from individual user stories to company-wide objectives, simplifying management and aligning every level of your organization towards shared goals, significantly streamlining processes and boosting overall productivity.

AI, Voting and integrations

This year also marked a significant leap for us into the AI world with the introduction of AI Assist, a generative AI tool designed for product managers.

AI Assist by airfocus

Complementing this was the launch of our dynamic Voting app, a neat tool that allows for the seamless collection of votes and reactions from your team members and stakeholders.

The integration of Webhooks and Salesforce further expanded our platform's capabilities, streamlining updates and feedback collection, a critical component in our mission to empower product managers.

This mission is based on a deep understanding of the challenges faced by product organizations. For example, sales teams have CRMs and developers have tools like Git, product managers often have to navigate a complex maze of spreadsheets and disconnected tools. Our platform is designed to solve this, offering a unified solution that aligns execution with product strategy, reducing inefficiency, and boosting the bottom line.

Making a mark in the industry

I can't reflect on 2023 without remembering our active participation in events like Product at Heart in Germany and PRODUCTIZED in Portugal. At Product at Heart, I had the pleasure of discussing airfocus with industry thought leaders like John Cutler, Petra Wille, and Tim Herbig, and I witnessed the excitement around our fun decision-making tool, Prioridice, which was (and still is) a sensation.

PRODUCTIZED continued this trend, with our booth becoming a central hub of activity. The insights from thought leaders like Melissa Perri and Leah Tharin, coupled with Tami Reiss' endorsement of airfocus' flexibility, underlined the unique strengths that we bring into the world of product management.

Product at Heart

Building a unified team and culture

2023 was also a landmark year for our team's growth and diversity. We welcomed more talent from different places around the world (and more pets), enriching our culture with fresh perspectives.

One of the top highlights of the year for me was our first-ever offsite in Mallorca. This event was more than just a break from the routine. We engaged in intensive workshops that mixed teams across departments, coming up with innovative ideas. From brainstorming on lead generation strategies to product innovation, every discussion had tangible outcomes. Some of the ideas (like emoji reactions for airfocus) were so compelling that we implemented them immediately. This offsite was not only fun and inspiring but also a humbling showcase of our team's dedication and the culture we were able to build.

We couldn't let 2023 go without another fun gathering (this time virtually) for our virtual Christmas party or Wint-air celebration.


Conclusion: Looking forward to 2024

As we prepare for 2024, we take with us the lessons, successes, and memories of the past year. It's been a time of significant growth, challenges, and celebrations. Our journey continues with the same passion and dedication that has been the cornerstone of our success, and we enter 2024 stronger and wiser than ever as a product, a business, and a team.

Our commitment at airfocus remains steady: to provide a modular product management platform that empowers enterprises to build the right products faster. By offering flexibility to accommodate each team's unique needs while ensuring overall strategic alignment and efficiency, we are prepared for even greater achievements.

A big thank you to everyone who's been part of this incredible journey. Let's make 2024 even more remarkable!

Malte Scholz

Malte Scholz

CEO & CPO @ airfocus
Malte Scholz is CEO, CPO, and co-founder of airfocus, the world's most flexible product management platform. His journey started as a product manager seeking a better tool, and now airfocus is trusted by more than 800 global companies, helping them build the right products and deliver greater value....more
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