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Switching to remote
Andrei UX Expert
Updated on
April 21 2020
1 min read

airfolks Share #1 - Our Home Office Setup

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Switching to remote

I remember my first time when I started working remotely. I transitioned from a nine to five physical office job to a fully remote position with no teammates in a 1000 km radius.

The change was brutal.

There are so many things that you need to get adjusted with and so many changes all at once.

3 years later, now I’m working remotely for one of the coolest companies with a fully remote team scattered across multiple continents.

There are two important things I’ve learned while working remotely. Don’t wear pajamas and have a home office setup where you feel productive and distraction-free.

About this series

While the team didn’t think that sharing our home office outfits is a good idea, we would like to inspire you with our awesome home office setups. We are starting a brand new blog series called 'airfolks Share'.

In this series we, the folks at airfocus, share how we are working remotely, being in quarantine, and all the other fun stuff. We hope that our setups and tips can inspire you to be more productive at home.

In this first instalment of 'airfolks Share', we would like to show you our home office setups.

Without further ado, here is where the airfocus magic happens:

Development team

Hoff’s setup

Julian’s setup

Diego’s setup

Roman’s setup

Product team

Malte’s setup

Jackie’s setup

Ayadi’s setup

Eike’s setup

Marketing team

Amando’s setup

Andrei's setup

Peer’s setup

Alfonso’s setup

Marino’s setup

Andrei UX Expert
Updated on
April 21 2020
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