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Product Strategy

How to Break Free From the Backlog Trap


About the webinar

One of the most critical aspects of agile development is effective Product Backlog management. The Product Backlog is a prioritized list of requirements that the development team must deliver to meet the project's goals. The backlog is dynamic, and it continuously evolves as the team gains a better understanding of the product and the market.

Effective management of the Product Backlog is crucial for maximizing a team's chances of creating value. On the other hand, mishandling of the backlog can result in a feature factory trap, where the team is continually focusing on delivering new features without adding any real value. This can lead to a product that is full of features but fails to meet the needs of its users.

In this session, David Pereira will help you identify the challenges he identified over the years and guide you in overcoming them.

What we covered:

  • Understanding the dynamic nature of product backlog.
  • Highlighting the significance of a mindful strategy for managing the product backlog.
  • How to recognize the risk of falling into a "feature factory trap" by incessantly delivering new features without adding real value.

Meet our speaker

David, a seasoned Product Leader, champions stepping out of comfort zones for success. With a "faster we learn, faster we succeed" motto, he coaches teams for maximum customer value. A Substack writer, he shares insights and embraces continuous learning.
David Pereira

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