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The Way to Seamless Collaboration: Product Ops


About the roundtable

Join us for an insightful roundtable discussion, "The Way to Seamless Collaboration: Product Ops" where industry leaders Chris Butler, Antonia Landi and Diana Soler will delve into the pivotal role of Product Ops as the connective tissue in modern organizations.

Explore the intricate dance of collaboration that Product Ops orchestrates, seamlessly weaving together teams across product development, marketing, sales, and beyond. Gain valuable insights into the strategies and frameworks that empower Product Ops to be the linchpin, fostering synergy and coherence within your organization.

Uncover the secrets behind successful cross-functional collaboration, discovering how Product Ops can streamline workflows, enhance communication, and make a transformative impact on overall operational efficiency. This roundtable is your gateway to understanding the hidden power of Product Ops in driving organizational harmony.

Join us to learn:

  • Proven frameworks and communication strategies that position Product Ops as the central force in fostering collaboration, ensuring your teams work seamlessly together.
  • The secrets to streamlined workflows and efficient cross-functional collaboration, arming yourself with the tools to enhance operational coherence and drive productivity to new heights.
  • How Product Ops can be the transformative element in your organization, gaining insights into best practices that can revolutionize your approach to product development, marketing, and sales, ultimately enhancing your overall operational efficiency.

Meet our speakers

Diana Soler started her career in business development, but then she pivoted her career and became the programme manager at Airbnb. During COVID, she pivoted her career again and joined AppDirect to build their product operations function. In 2022, she joined Assent as Director of Product Operations, responsible for product enablement, strategic and tactical operational excellence.
Diana Soler
Chris Butler
Chris Butler is a chaotic good product manager, writer, and speaker. He facilitates critical decision making for teams that build new and innovative products. Chris focuses on bias, uncertainty, and randomization to help build robust and resilient teams. He has over 20 years of product management leadership at Microsoft, Waze, KAYAK, and Facebook Reality Labs.

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