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Thursday, July 8th - 5 PM CEST / 4 PM BST / 11 AM EDT

Rethinking AI in Product Management: Discovering the True Value Beyond the Hype

Join the webinar and learn:
  • How AI is currently transforming product management, with real-world examples of its applications and benefits.
  • To identify and navigate the exaggerated claims surrounding AI, enabling more informed decisions about incorporating AI into product strategies.
  • The potential future developments of AI in product management and how to stay ahead of the curve in leveraging these advancements effectively.

About the webinar

You can't open your fridge these days without seeing another news about AI. However, not so long ago, it was the same with web3, crypto, NFTs, and countless other "revolutions" that ultimately didn't or barely delivered on their promises. Is AI something different or just another technical smoke-screen?

In this session, Dr Bart Jaworski, Senior Product Manager at Stepstone and former PM of Microsoft, will be joining us to discuss the true impact of AI on product management.

Meet our speaker

Dr Bart Jaworski
Dr Bart Jaworski
Senior PM at The Stepstone Group
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