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Product Management

Is Being "Agile" Enough To Deliver Value?


About the roundtable

The Agile Manifesto originally set out in 2001 to help software developers build business solutions in a faster and more efficient way, but since then it has also had a huge impact on other fields, processes, industries, and more - product management included.

But after 20 years, are the original principles of the Manifesto still relevant? Should they be adjusted to better address the challenges of modern product management?

What we covered:

  • How the Agile Manifesto has been applied in product management
  • The modern product challenges that weren't addressed in the manifesto
  • How the core principles should be adapted to the new way of doing product management

Meet our speakers

David, a seasoned Product Leader, champions stepping out of comfort zones for success. With a "faster we learn, faster we succeed" motto, he coaches teams for maximum customer value. A Substack writer, he shares insights and embraces continuous learning.
David Pereira
Benji Portwin
Benji has never been happy with the status quo and that’s led him on a constant journey of discovery – about who he is, what he values and consequently how he wants to spend his time at work. He’s worked for a range of organisations over his 10 years in tech, and he’s been there and seen first hand what it takes for people to work together to build great products.
Quadri is an experienced product manager with multiple years of experience building world-class products. He is passionate about building products that have a positive impact on people’s lives, and helping product managers grow through training and mentorship at Product Hall.
Quadri Oshibotu

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