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Align task management with product discovery and planning. Connect your priorities, feedback, and roadmaps by syncing your data seamlessly between airfocus and Trello.

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Trello for airfocus
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Align task management with product discovery and planning

Streamline your workflows

Keep in sync by linking high-level product strategy with day-to-day workflows. Maintain existing processes on Trello while you use airfocus to do product management.

Keep track of progress all in one place

Stay up-to-date with all progress. Track the status of opportunities and features you’ve pushed into Trello right from airfocus.

Empower teams to deliver the best solution

Facilitate teams with added context around business value and priorities to inform decisions that were made.

How it works

Import Trello cards into airfocus

Import Trello cards as items into airfocus and keep the two tools synced.

Push airfocus items into Trello

Push airfocus items straight into Trello and track their status right from within airfocus. You can choose any Trello lists when pushing airfocus items.

Two-way sync

Always stay updated with a one-way or two-way sync between airfocus and Trello. Keep fields synced between both systems including titles, descriptions, list, and labels

Advanced filtering and flexible mapping

Use filtering to define which Trello cards you import into airfocus. You can filter by list and label. Use mapping to define how information in Trello should be mapped to information in airfocus.

Multiple Trello integrations

Configure multiple Trello integrations to push different items to different Trello boards. To integrate multiple Trello boards with the same airfocus workspace, simply set up an additional Trello integration.

Indicate priority scores

Allow teams to understand their priorities and the context around business values by showing your airfocus priority scores on your Trello board.

"airfocus enabled us to build trust amongst the teams. Everyone is aligned on what to do and in which direction we are going."

Claudia Ferber,
Senior product manager - EQS Group

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