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Introducing airfocus Objectives & OKRs: Unlocking Strategic Alignment for Product Teams

14 Nov 20233 mins read
Malte Scholz
Introducing airfocus Objectives & OKRs: Unlocking Strategic Alignment for Product Teams
By Malte Scholz

Effective goal setting is the cornerstone of successful product management, and it's what sets the direction for your team's efforts. No matter the size of your organization, or how many teams or products you have, achieving alignment and transparency in your organization's objectives is crucial for success.

The challenge often lies in managing objectives efficiently. Many organizations struggle with using multiple tools, and more than 90% of our customers reported they still use spreadsheets and other general-purpose tools to manage OKRs which can be confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming. We had to do something about this.

That's why we are excited to announce our game-changing new feature, the airfocus Objectives app.

Born out of 8 rigorous months and a vision to simplify OKR tracking, with the new airfocus Objectives app you can track multiple teams' progress, from user stories to company-wide objectives — all in one place.

It is a groundbreaking solution for product teams looking to add a layer of product strategy to their airfocus setup, connect their OKRs with their product roadmaps and workflows, and enhance collaboration across the organization. All while seamlessly embedding your OKRs into your existing product work, eliminating the need for switching between multiple tools.

Why use airfocus Objectives?

1. Elevate outcomes and alignment with OKRs built into your PM platform

Transform the way you connect OKRs to product roadmaps with the new Objectives app. Move beyond the limitations of spreadsheets and disjointed strategies. Our solution fully integrates your objectives into your daily product management workflow, ensuring a cohesive and strategic approach across your organization. 

Elevate outcomes and alignment with OKRs built into your PM platform

2. Link product work to OKRs for a comprehensive strategic view

Gain an unparalleled view of your team's progress, and link initiatives, epics, or tasks directly to key results. Our platform bridges the gap between your product work and your strategic vision, offering deeper understanding and clarity, and aligning perfectly with your company-wide objectives. 

Link product work to OKRs for a comprehensive strategic view

3. Dynamic, real-time updates for timely adjustments

Stay agile with airfocus' real-time check-in capabilities. Regular updates provide immediate understanding, enabling prompt identification and resolution of at-risk objectives. This proactive approach keeps your projects on course, offering a dynamic and responsive objectives management experience. 

Dynamic, real-time updates for timely adjustments

4. Inclusive and transparent collaboration

Embrace inclusivity and transparency with airfocus Objectives. Our platform ensures that every team member, regardless of their role, is aligned and aware of their contribution to the company's success. Foster a cohesive work environment that goes beyond what platforms focusing solely on product managers can offer. 

Inclusive and transparent collaboration

5. Unmatched flexibility for personalized OKR management 

airfocus stands out as the only modular product management software, offering unparalleled customization in goal tracking. Tailor objective hierarchies, time frames, views, and fields to your unique goal-setting process or framework. With airfocus, you're not just using a tool; you're engaging with a platform that adapts to your specific needs and preferences, enhancing your product strategy effectively.

Unmatched flexibility for personalized OKR management 

airfocus Objectives & OKRs app: More than just a tool

At the heart of the airfocus Objectives app is a simple yet powerful idea: to transform the way product teams set, track, and achieve their objectives.

It’s not just a tool; it's an enabler that bridges the gap between strategy and execution. 

This app fosters transparency and accountability, offering every individual a clear sense of purpose. In essence, airfocus Objectives connects the dots between your daily product work and your big-picture strategy, ensuring that everyone understands how their efforts contribute to the larger goals. 

Our aim is to streamline your processes, cutting down the hassle and costs associated with using multiple disconnected tools. With everything integrated in one place, strategic alignment becomes more accessible and achievable for all. 

Designed to be your partner in product excellence, the new app is user-friendly and adaptable to your unique needs. It’s about unlocking your organization's full strategic potential and taking your product development to the next level. 

With airfocus Objectives, you gain a tool that not only meets your current needs but also drives you towards your future goals.

To learn more about the airfocus Objectives app and its functionalities, visit our Help Center, or watch the getting started video below.

Is there anything you'd like to see in the future? Let us know! You are more than welcome to submit your feedback on our portal here. If you're ready to kick-start your way to better product management, give airfocus a try with a 14-day free trial, or book a demo here.


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