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Product roadmap by David Pereira

Product roadmap template by David Pereira

A visual guide to product strategy by David Pereira, highlighting key priorities.

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About the product roadmap by David Pereira

This product roadmap template was created by David Pereira. A well-structured product roadmap is crucial for effective product management, offering a visual guide to your product strategy by highlighting key milestones, priorities, and timelines, while connecting with your opportunities or epics.

The template includes two connected workspaces:

  1. Product roadmap: Manage the what and why of your initiatives and projects. Put all the big rocks in here, categorize them into the four main buckets (now, next, later, or trash), and connect them with items in your Opportunity pipeline (see below).

  2. Opportunity pipeline: Manage your opportunity/epic backlog, run discovery, prioritize what to do next, and turn strategy into action with a timeline view.

How to set up this template

To get started, get acquainted with the different sections of the product roadmap workspace. It includes four main categories: Now, Next, Later, and Trash:

  • Now: This bucket represents the current priorities and initiatives that the team is actively working on. It ensures that the team remains focused on delivering value in the present.

  • Next: The "Next" bucket contains the initiatives that are lined up for execution after the current priorities are completed. This section helps the team plan ahead and maintain a clear view of upcoming work.

  • Later: The "Later" bucket is where initiatives that are important but not urgent reside. These are ideas or projects that may be revisited and prioritized in the future, depending on changing business needs or strategic priorities.

  • Trash: As the name suggests, the "Trash" bucket is where initiatives that are no longer relevant or have been deemed unnecessary are placed. This section helps declutter the roadmap and maintain a lean, focused approach.

We encourage you to check out David’s other product management resources, including his books, workshops, and tools on, to enhance your product management skills and practices further.

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David Pereira

David Pereira

Product Coach
David is passionate product leader and coach with 15+ years of agile and product management experience. He’s currently CEO of omoqo GmbH, innovating in the maritime industry. His focus is on helping product teams deliver real value and unlock their potential....more
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