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GIST by Itamar Gilad

GIST template by Itamar Gilad

Align teams around key goals, initiatives, and tactics for cohesive strategies.

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About the GIST template

This GIST (Goals, Ideas, Steps, Tasks) framework template was created by Itamar Gilad and can be seen as an alternative to product roadmaps. The GIST framework provides a structured approach to defining and communicating your product strategy in a clear and actionable way. It helps align your team around the key goals, major initiatives to pursue those goals, signals to measure progress, and specific tactics to execute the initiatives. GIST bridges the gap between high-level vision and concrete execution, ensuring your product work is grounded in a cohesive, outcome-driven strategy.

The template includes two connected workspaces:

  1. Goals & ideas: Put all your ideas into this workspace and prioritize them based on whether they fit your goals and ICE score (impact, confidence, ease of implementation). Move ideas (your hypothetical ways to achieve the goals) through the workflow stages (awaiting validation, in validation, in development, and done) while validating them through step-projects that live in the connected steps workspace (see below).

  2. Steps (and tasks): Steps are mini-projects that implement an idea in parts while validating it. Use this child workspace to manage the steps and tasks for the connected ideas.

The GIST template's four main ingredients

  1. Goals: This section allows you to clearly articulate your product's strategic goals, whether they are related to revenue, user growth, new market expansion, or any other key objectives.

  2. Ideas: The ideas section provides a central place to gather ideas from all stakeholders - customers, sales, support, executives, etc. These ideas can then be mapped to the relevant goals.

  3. Step-projects: Great ideas are broken down into concrete, actionable step-projects that can be prioritized and sequenced on the roadmap based on factors like impact, cost, dependencies, and resources.

  4. Tasks: Finally, step-projects are further decomposed into granular tasks that can be assigned to team members and tracked through execution.

Gilad's GIST framework has been battle-tested at companies of all sizes and has helped countless product teams achieve strategic alignment and operational excellence. In addition to the template, he offers product leadership training, workshops, and advisory services.

Key principles of the GIST framework

  • No split of ideation, planning and execution - they all happen concurrently all the time

  • Goals rather than solutions or vague strategy statements idea banks rather than product backlogs

  • Short sub-quarter step-projects rather than long multi-quarter/multi-year projects

  • No betting on just a few big ideas that take forever to implement - test many ideas quickly and pursue the ones that work

  • Iterations - revisit every part of the plan regularly and systematically and stay agile at all levels

The original version of this template was published on Itamar’s website. We encourage you to check out Itamar’s other product management resources, including his books, workshops, and tools on, to enhance your product management skills and practices further.

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Itamar Gilad

Itamar Gilad

Product Coach @ Product Front
Itamar is a coach, author, and speaker specializing in evidence-guided product management. He has over 20 years of experience at Google, Microsoft, and startups, and authored "Evidence-Guided."...more
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