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Product portfolio excellence by Petra Wille

Product portfolio excellence template by Petra Wille

Make informed decisions and align your teams.

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About the product portfolio excellence template

This product portfolio excellence template was created by Petra Wille. It’s designed to empower product leaders with a comprehensive overview of their entire product portfolio, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive strategic alignment across teams.

By seamlessly mirroring items from individual team workspaces into a centralized portfolio workspace, this template streamlines the product development lifecycle, providing a bird's-eye view of epics from their inception as ideas, through the discovery phase, and ultimately to delivery and validation.

The template includes three connected workspaces:

  • Product workspace (2x): Manage your product management process: product strategy, backlog, prioritization, workflows, and roadmaps.

  • Product portfolio workspace (1x): Display selected items from the product or team workspaces in your portfolio to get a bird's eye perspective on priorities and releases.

We encourage you to check out Petra’s other product management and leadership resources, including her blog, book, and consulting services on, to enhance your product management and improve product culture further.

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Petra Wille

Petra Wille

Product Leadership Coach
Petra Wille, author of STRONG Product People and STRONG Product Communities, is an independent product leadership coach and the host of the Product at Heart conference. She has been helping product teams and leaders enhance their skills since 2013....more
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