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Product Requirements Document

What is Product Requirements Document

Definition of a Product Requirements Document

A product requirements document (PRD) is a detailed outline of all functionalities a software product must fulfill when being delivered.

The PRD describes the magnitude of a product and serves as a record of all features that must be realized or in retrospective must be found in the product. 

Each functionality is characterized as an individual use case and needs to explain its purpose to establish an accurate understanding for a cross-functional team to take measures during the implementation process.

Additional conditions such environment requirements, e.g. hard- and software utilization of the end user, constraints and dependencies also need to be specified in the PRD.

General FAQ

How to write an effective product requirements document?
Typically, an effective product requirements document is in-depth and covers all the product features, functionalities, and options.
Why you need a product requirements document?
A product requirements document usually acts as the starting point for your product. The product requirements document is especially useful in this case because it outlines the product’s purpose, who will use it, and how to use it. It is an essential document prior to the design and development phase.

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