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What are features?

Features Definition - A product’s features are the main characteristics that help it stand out in even the most crowded market, by offering unique value to users. 

For example, the features of a new marketing platform may include advanced email-automation or a groundbreaking UI. Specific features may be the driving force behind the creation of a product, or they can be added during the development process.

Even the slightest change to an established design or function can serve as a key selling feature.


Question: How to prioritize product features?
Answer: Product features can be prioritized based on a prioritization framework. RICE Scoring, Kano Model, and Story Mapping are just three of the most widely used prioritization frameworks.
Question: What are features of a product?
Answer: The features of a product refers to the capability and appearance of a product. The features of a product are what make the product and what defines the product’s functionality.

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