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Content Marketing Roadmap


What is a content marketing roadmap?


Content marketing roadmap definition

A content marketing roadmap is a tool that helps you execute a content plan. It integrates your content and marketing plan with your overall marketing strategy and allows you to assign tasks and track progress. The roadmap gives you a timeline and sets objectives by splitting the work among your team.

Content marketing roadmaps are ideal for content projects across staff and departments, like new product launches. Before the marketing department can even start their creative brief, they will need information from product development, sales, and accounting. 

Your business probably has a roadmap for product development, so why not for content marketing? Incorporating your content calendar into your content marketing roadmap means that the entire marketing team can see the whole plan, not just daily activities. 


Roadmapping From A to Z

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Why is a content marketing roadmap important?

Content marketing roadmaps are helpful in many ways. Here are just a few.

Use it to plan short and long-term projects

While most businesses use a content marketing roadmap to plan long-term projects, it can be equally as effective for short-term projects. You can prioritize each project from the very beginning, reassign tasks in order of urgency, and schedule content around this. 

Get your team working towards one goal

Many companies struggle to communicate their projects. A content roadmap can help you align everyone toward the same goals, including cross-functional team members

Track progress

Managing each person and their tasks can be challenging when it comes to multi-department projects. With a content marketing roadmap, each employee can track their progress and share it with everyone else. It also allows managers to see an overall picture of a project without needing to contact every member of staff.

What elements should a content marketing roadmap include?

  • A content marketing mission - This is your content marketing mission statement. This statement should be a relatively simple overview of your company’s goals, target audiences, and what you hope your marketing will achieve.

  • Marketing and business goals - Break down your mission statement and focus on the goals for the project. Think about any key performance indicators (KPIs) for marketing and your business and how your content helps you achieve them. Where does this content fit in with your company's big-picture aims?

  • A timeline - Lay out each project on a timeline displaying any due dates and who’s responsible for completing each task.

  • Types of content - It a good idea to organize your content marketing roadmaps. Try organizing by different types of content to help you keep track of different kinds of tasks.


Roadmapping From A to Z

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airfocus eBook Roadmapping From A to Z

General FAQ

What is a content marketing roadmap?
A content marketing roadmap is a timeline tool that uses deadlines for your content marketing and allows you to assign tasks to various employees.
What are the benefits of using a content marketing roadmap?
You can assign tasks to individuals, plan multiple projects with various deadlines, and track the progress of each — all in one tool.
airfocus eBook Roadmapping From A to Z
Roadmapping From A to Z
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