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Mission Statement

What is a Mission Statement

Definition of a Mission Statement

A mission statement describes the core factors of any business, covering its main customers, products/services, purpose, treatment of employees, and any wider impact plans to make (for example, to raise awareness of an issue).

Every business must have a mission statement. It creates a clear sense of the company’s objectives, target audience, and reason(s) to exist. Keep the statement concise and free of jargon. It should engage, intrigue, and inspire employees and customers, and describe in 30 seconds or less: 

  1. What your company does for its customers

  2. What your company does for its employees

  3. Whether your business has a higher goal or purpose that sits outside of your immediate product offering.

Here’s an example of Amazon’s mission statement:

Amazon: "Our mission is to be Earth's most customer-centric company. This is what unites Amazonians across teams and geographies as we are all striving to delight our customers and make their lives easier, one innovative product, service, and idea at a time."

You should review your mission statement periodically to ensure it still reflects your business’s aims. If not, be willing to change it. The entire company should be aware of any adjustments, though, to maintain a cohesive structure.

General FAQ

How to write a mission statement?
In order to write a mission statement for your company you need to answer a few questions. What is the value of the business to both customers and employees? Why should people want to work for the company? You should keep your mission statement concise and easily understandable.
Can a company change its mission statement?
Change is inevitable even in larger companies. If the mission statement no longer represents the company, companies can change their mission statement.
What should an effective and appropriate mission statement include?
An effective mission statement should include the market the corporation is serving, the value the corporation brings to the customer and reflect the impact employees can have by working for that company.

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