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What is a product development roadmap?

A product development roadmap is a strategic plan that visualizes the future direction of a product. 

As we all know, the product development process can twist and turn as priorities change and the landscape inside, and out, of the business evolves. That’s why it’s important to use a product development template that’s easy to update and that won’t lock you in.

Why use product development roadmap?

There are many benefits of using a product development roadmap — and therefore a product development roadmap template.

A product development roadmap:

  • Displays initiatives and features as well as the upcoming milestones that are important for product success.

  • Keeps executives, other departments, and, in some cases, external stakeholders informed about the progress of a product.

  • Can help marketing and sales departments to align their activities with upcoming releases.

As you see, a product development roadmap is a lifesaver for the whole company! But after you’ve spent a vast amount of time and effort drawing charts and tables from scratch, you will have nothing left for the “real” product work. That’s why we have created a product development template for you!

What are the stages of creating a product development roadmap?

1. Product vision

To set a specific product strategy, you need a clear product vision. The initial vision doesn’t have to perfectly match the final one, but it determines the direction of its development. It gives a clear image of what your product will look like at the end of the project. 

2. Strategy

Once you’ve specified the product vision, you’re ready to continue with its strategy. At this point, you need to convey to stakeholders how the business will profit from the product and combine it with the product vision. With that communicated, it’s time to continue moving forward — leveraging the roadmap and making sure to preserve consistency. 

3. Requirements

It’s crucial to do your research before. Multiple sources of information will be useful here: sales, customer service, the marketing team, and so on. These teams in particular are familiar with users’ requests, what they are looking for in the product, and what is less beneficial for them. Their insights will help you assign priority levels.

4. Product plan

At this stage, you need to align your business with your product vision. How successful a plan ends up being depends on many factors, including the goals you set here. Remember to keep your milestones and timelines adaptable, in case of unexpected changes. It’s impossible to foresee every issue for which the plan would have to be adjusted — but our product development template is totally adaptable and so changing scope won’t cost you any extra time or effort.

5. Markers

Product development roadmaps are free from strict guides regarding exact days, but markers should still be used to track overall progress. Knowing where these markers should be on the roadmap and how they will be measured makes it easier for people to move forward together.

6. Metrics

Speaking of measurement, it’s important for the team to agree to one metric system between them. This will avoid costly misunderstandings further down the line. 

3 tips for using a product development roadmap template

Try to use airfocus’ product development roadmap template and see for yourself how quick and easy it is to get started.

Then, once you’re ready, here’s how to get the most from a product development roadmap template;

  • Use filters to create several versions of the roadmap, giving all stakeholders the information that means most to them (and to avoid unnecessary details!).

  • Find a shared and objective prioritization system to define which initiatives make it to your roadmap.

  • Consider revenue, customer value, and strategic fit, as well as developments, when prioritizing your ideas and product backlog.

Feeling excited to test our product development template? Then try it right now!

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