News From airfocus! Microsoft Planner Integration, New Prioritization Framework Videos, and More

News From airfocus! Microsoft Planner Integration, New Prioritization Framework Videos, and More
By Jacqueline Chick
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Hi there, We've got some major account updates lined up for you! From the exciting Microsoft Planner integration to new prioritization framework videos, we are here to help teams prioritize, build roadmaps, and sharpen their product management knowledge in this changing world of work!  Stay healthy, and thank you for being a part of our airfocus community. What we've built

Microsoft Planner integration

Our highly requested Microsoft Planner integration is now live! Teams using Microsoft Planner can continue managing their tasks within the platform, while decision-makers and strategists use airfocus to prioritize high-level projects, features, and initiatives. Click here for our in-depth explanation of the integration.

CSV upload improvements & more 

CSV imports have never been easier. When you've uploaded your CSV file, you can now import group, lane, and labels for each item, manually map your CSV columns to an airfocus field, and see the results on the live preview. Learn more about all CSV improvements here.

Invite new team members directly from the workspace

You can now invite new team members directly from the workspace or from the permissions dialog, which means that the invitee can see the workspace when they log in for the first time.

What we've written and shared  

Video: The Weighted Scoring Decision Matrix

When it comes to making important product decisions, there are many criteria to consider, which are of varying levels of importance. The weighted scoring matrix comes in handy. By extensively evaluating your choices and quantifying the process, you’ll be able to greatly reduce or remove emotion and guesswork from the decision process. Check out our newest video from Heleana, in which she explains how the matrix works.

Video: The RICE Prioritization Framework

One of our favorite prioritization frameworks is the RICE (Reach, Impact, Confidence, Effort) scoring framework. The RICE scoring model was introduced by Intercom a few years ago and has been widely adopted and used by product managers and product owners to prioritize feature releases and projects. In this video, Heleana provides an overview and some examples of how to use the RICE scoring framework.

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