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Definition of Ready

What is the definition of ready in the scrum agile framework?

Definition of ready

In the scrum agile framework, the definition of ready (DoR) marks the completeness of preliminary actions for a task or project to be processed.

Defining the definition of ready

The DoR, as opposed to the definition of done, can be revisited and modified. It is recommended to consult the team that is responsible for the specific execution to define the DoR. Essentially a task is ready when the team agrees it can be done. This is a core principle of the scrum agile framework.

Once the criteria of the DoR are met, the item which can appear in the form of a technical task, story or any other customized action can be picked for a sprint.

General FAQ

How often do agile teams use the definition of ready?
Practically, the idea behind the DoR is to clarify what the team needs to have in place before they can even begin to work on a backlog item. The use of the DoR differs from teams to team but it should be used for the major projects.
What is the definition of ready in the scrum agile framework?

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