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Definition of Done

What is the definition of done in the scrum agile framework?

Definition of Done Definition -  In reference to the Scrum agile framework, the definition of done (DoD) describes predefined demands a certain output must meet when being delivered. It is used to establish a common understanding on the product’s level of integrity to ensure quality. The nature of assignments typically varies and so may their requirements that need to be considered to confirm to the DoD.

In Scrum it is common to use descriptives such as epic, story and feature to identify the character and the acceptance criteria of a task. Successfully performed DoD will facilitate a greater velocity of the delivery team.


Question: When is it most appropriate for a development team to change the definition of done?
Answer: The definition of done can be changed by the development team during the sprint retrospective.
Question: Who defines the definition of done?
Answer: The Scrum Team is in charge of determining what is the definition of done. In most cases, it’s a collaboration of the Product Owner and the development team. In some cases, the Scrum Master may need to enforce the development team to ensure quality is maintained.

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