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Scrum Meeting

What is a Scrum meeting?

Scrum meeting Definition -  The Scrum meeting is executed daily, usually performed as a stand-up meeting.

Equivalent terms are daily Scrum or simply stand-up. Participants include all Scrum team members, such as product owner, Scrum Master and development team. It serves the purpose to share an individual’s progress of work and an estimation of the level of completeness until the next Scrum meeting. Any obstacles that detain the sprint goal should be expressed.

To confine any deviation it is significant for the Scrum Master to time-box the meeting and moderate arising issues appropriately.

A team can elevate its dynamic by introducing the Scrum ball, an item that is being tossed around for everybody’s turn to speak.


Question: How to run a scrum meeting?
Answer: A scrum meeting is typically broken down into three main questions. What did we do yesterday? What are we doing today? What is in our way? Answering these three questions is the core of an effective scrum meeting.
Question: Who starts the daily Scrum meeting?
Answer: Usually the team decides on who starts the daily Scrum meeting. However, if the issue of who initiates the Scrum meeting persists, the Scrum Master would have to appoint someone in order to facilitate an efficient daily meeting.
Question: When is the best time to do the daily scrum meeting?
Answer: The daily Scrum meeting is usually held in the morning. You want to start the meeting as soon as the workday starts in order to get an overview of what got done, what you are going to focus on that day, and what is blocking you.

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