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What is a standup?

Definition of standup

A standup is a short meeting — usually held daily — for team members to share their progress, discuss what was achieved yesterday and decide what should be the focus for the coming day.

A standup is also the best time to analyze what is blocking progress and to find solutions on how to move forward. 

Some teams take the name literally — encouraging members to stand up — as this helps to keep things brief, focused and to the point. But a standup can also happen when seated!

Standups are vital for productive team communication and, as such, are a fundamental part of the agile development framework. 

General FAQ

How long should a standup last?
The daily standup usually lasts up to 15 minutes. However, in some cases, this changes if the team size is larger or if the complexity of some tasks increases unexpectedly.
How do remote teams perform standups?
The structure of a daily standup should not change for a remote team. The team should still talk about what did you get done yesterday, what are you working on now, and what isn’t going well, and what could you use help on. However, in a remote setting, the participants are not usually standing up.

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