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Program Manager

What is a program manager?

Program Manager Definition -  A program manager’s essential objective is to reconcile multiple projects and teams by coordinating them and giving strategic guidance to the company’s project managers

What are program managers vs. project managers?

It is simple but not necessarily apparent how to distinguish a program manager from a project manager. A program implies multiple projects that are linked to one another.

The program manager’s challenge is to strategically assess the benefits and impact of the individual projects with the superordinate goal in mind.

Hence the mission is long-term in nature and is operated on a meta-level, while a project manager’s concerns are rather technical and short-term.


Question: How do you become a program manager?
Answer: Simply put, there’s no precise method for becoming a program manager. The most common one is by getting accredited through a professional organization. However, this is not required most of the time. You have to show great planning skills and be active in managing or reconciling multiple projects inside the company.
Question: How much does a program manager make?
Answer: According to Glassdoor.com, the average program manager salary in the US is $98,323 a year. The program manager salary can go up to $134.000 in some cases.
Question: What is a technical program manager?
Answer: A technical program manager can work along with the program manager and the project management in coordinating technical development activities across multiple projects.
Question: What does a technical program manager do?
Answer: A technical program manager is typically in charge of projects like new product development, lead development teams, manage technical program processes, review code, and trach technical issues.

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