CPO - Chief Product Officer

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What is CPO short for?


CPO definition

Generally found in the executive ranks of tech companies, CPO stands for Chief Product Officer and refers to the person in charge of the entire product organization. Their role is to oversee all aspects of the day-to-day product team and align product strategy with overall company goals.

What is a CPO strategy in business?

A CPO strategy in business refers to the placement of a Chief Product Officer to lead up the product organization. CPOs oversee all product activities within the company. Their duties include supervising Product Owners and Product Managers, managing the development of products from conception to delivery, and evangelizing those products both internally and externally. 

Who does the CPO report to? 

A tech company’s CPO, or Chief Product Officer, usually sits within the executive team and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer or CEO. Some companies refer to their CPO as either the Head of Product or VP of Product.

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General FAQ

What is the definition of CPO?
CPO, or Chief Product Officer, is a corporate title given to an executive team member responsible for leading all aspects of Product development in an organization.
What is the meaning of CPO in finance?
The job title CPO usually stands for ”Chief Product Officer” in tech organizations; however, in financial contexts, it can also stand for “Commodity Pool Operator.”

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