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airfocus vs. ProductPlan

Product management is made easy with airfocus, the ProductPlan alternative. airfocus enables product teams to confidently prioritize what to build next, create clear roadmaps, and collaborate on product strategy.
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Trusted by key decision-makers at Shopify, Bird, and Coca Cola
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airfocus vs. ProductPlan

The top 3 reasons to choose airfocus

Thousands of companies choose airfocus as the ProductPlan alternative, and here are some of the reasons why:
Ease of use
Product teams are inundated with tasks and the last thing they have to worry about is time-consuming, slow-reacting, and overly-complicated product management tools. airfocus offers an easy-to-use interface and many features to help teams increase their productivity level.
airfocus is built around the premise of flexibility and customization because we know that no company and no workflow is the same. From fields, views, integrations, sharing settings to the prioritization frameworks, criteria, and scoring formulas, the options for customization are endless.
Collaborative prioritization
Remote team prioritization is made easy with airfocus' Priority Poker. Teams will benefit from cross-functional team’s expertise, win their buy-ins, and ensure that product decisions can be made in alignment live or asynchronously.
Customizable prioritization framework and tools for product strategy
Prioritization templates
Priority chart
Gain insights on what are your moonshot projects, quick wins, and don't dos on a 2x2 prioritization matrix
Group prioritization/Priority Poker
An interactive, collaborative, and fun way to group prioritize with relevant stakeholders
iOS and Android mobile apps
Clubhouse integration
Asana integration
Microsoft Planner integration
Zapier integration

Seamless Collaborations
Teamwork made easy with airfocus, the ProductPlan alternative.
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Customer testimonial

What others say
about airfocus

"Being able to build a prioritization framework that the entire organization is bought into and that I can share with everyone, has been invaluable. The entire team can now see our roadmap and why we're working on certain things."

Brendan H., VP engineering & digital product
"The detailed and configurable initiative scoring is exactly what we needed to evaluate future projects. airfocus' Priority Poker tool is an amazing way to unearth productive conversations with all of our seniors."

Brett G., Product manager
"The set up was easy; there are sets of provided templates and visualization alternatives provided, which means you're good to go within minutes. The Trello and Jira syncs are great as well. Great overall user-experience and easy-to-use."

Christoph B., Product manager
airfocus in-depth

Features and benefits

Features that help you prioritize what to do next, create clear roadmaps and collaborate on strategy.

Prioritize what to do with confidence

Decide what to build next with highly-informed data based on smart-scorings instead of relying on gut-instincts.
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Visualize the big picture and decide on the right priorities

Make high-impact prioritization decisions and set clear objectives by comparing the importance of each initative and feature on an interactive priority matrix.

Build powerful roadmaps in minutes

Eliminate complicated spreadsheets and slide decks. Create and share beautiful roadmaps instantly across teams and build alignment across your organization.

Collaborate on product strategy and build what matters

Determine product decisions, plans, and tradeoffs collectively and win buy-ins from all the relevant stakeholders.

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