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Joakim Wissing
Digital product director - Oriflame
"airfocus has been incredibly useful when it comes to aligning everyone around the vision and handling ideas. We are now focusing on what really matters."

An easy-to-use platform
that people love

The airfocus UI is set up in a way where you are not distracted by features and elements you don't need, making the tool easy to use and accelerate adoption rate for your entire team. No complicated settings like endless system fields or distracting views that get in your way. Instead, airfocus provides custom fields, views, and apps that you can use to solve the problems that you have right now.

Build transparency and open up your product workflows, standardize processes, and concentrate on what matters most: your customers.

Unique work environments
for all of your teams

No company has the same set of processes and workflows, so why use a tool that will force you into one? With unlimited workspaces and advanced user permissions, airfocus allows you to organize your teams, products, or units as needed. airfocus is designed with flexibility in mind. With our modular approach you have the ability to choose the features you need, drop the ones you don't, and design a product home that is right for you.

Send information across workspaces, create dependencies, and visualize how your team can work together more efficiently. And if you ever need to share any workspace view with external stakeholders - be it your portfolio roadmap, your Kanban boards, or even your release plans - create a safe and shareable URL in a flash.

Build a product stack
that grows with you

As your team and product mature, extend your stack to solve additional problems, maximize cross-team collaboration, and adapt airfocus to the way you work.

Get started with a roadmap, use integrations to sync your backlog, add a connected feedback process, and involve your team when you are ready. Anyone can get started quickly with a set of pre-defined workspace templates that can be adapted and customized to suit your team's needs.

With the ability to customize airfocus your way set privacy and security measures and involve your team with advanced collaboration methods - the platform adds a unique flair to your team's overall experience.
Manifesto cube

Make prioritization inclusive

With airfocus' Priority Poker app teams can stop working in silos, benefit from cross-functional team’s expertise, win their buy-ins, and ensure that product decisions can be made in alignment live or asynchronously.

The most flexible platform to build products that matter

How airfocus and Productboard compare:
Multiple modular workspaces
Collaborate across teams, products, and units with interlinked workspaces. Keep workflows unique and bring information together as needed with a variety of dedicated PM apps.
Multiple workspaces available but expensive.
To enable cross-team collaboration, you are forced to use one single account & workflow setup for multiple teams, can cause friction and slow you down.
No interlinked workspaces: Using a multi-workspace setup creates added silos for teams, making it harder to collaborate.
Portfolio view / roadmap
View your product portfolio in a single space, all with the appropriate information and product hierarchies.
No unified portfolio roadmap that spans all your products.
Custom views
Set up unlimited views (tables, boards, charts, timelines) to visualize your data with powerful filters and segmentation.
Limitations with pre-defined system views. Data can't be visualized in various ways.
Custom fields
Create your own set of custom fields that help support your frameworks and processes.
Limitations with pre-defined system fields that clutter your interface. All products and teams share the same system fields.
Customizable product stack
Decide what features you need, drop those you don't, and create a product stack that is right for you. Less distractions, more efficiency for your team.
No ability to customize your stack, which means less flexibility and more distractions for your team.
Advanced feedback management
Create multiple dedicated feedback workspaces with customizable workflows.
Just one feedback inbox with no customizations around feedback workflows.
Collaborative prioritization / Priority Poker app
Priority Poker is an interactive, collaborative, and inclusive way to prioritize as a group and make decisions in the most time-efficient manner.
Productboard does not offer Priority Poker or inclusive prioritization.
Create dependencies between items and align your team accordingly.
Only available on a higher paying plan.
Shareable URL for roadmaps and product timelines
Share your roadmaps or any other view via password-protected secure URLs.
No way of sharing roadmaps via a URL.
Get started with easy-to-use templates: from roadmaps to prioritization frameworks, all ready to go.
Productboard does not offer customizable templates resulting in increased setup time.
Multiple integrations
No limits on the number of integrations you use.
Only available on a higher paying plan.
Asana integration
Integrate directly with Asana and work closer with your development team.
No Asana integration.
Microsoft Planner integration
Integrate directly with MS planner and execute your strategy with efficiency.
No Microsoft Planner integration.

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