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Prioritize your technology initiatives and opportunities against value and cost drivers to align around a more effective roadmap.

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What is a technology roadmap template?

A technology roadmap is a powerful tool to plan and communicate the high-level technology initiatives of an organization. It outlines what technology solutions are available right now, which solutions will be implemented in the future, and which IT capabilities are soon to reach the end of their lifecycle.

What’s more, teams using a technology roadmap template can also determine the improvements that need to be made in the technological infrastructure. This should be explored considering the short-term and long-term targets of the project.

Why should you use a technology roadmap template?

By using the airfocus technology roadmap template, you can create a course of action for the easy onboarding of new technology solutions — and upgrade existing ones.

The benefits of a thorough technology roadmap include:

  • Addressing any IT issues currently affecting your project.

  • Removing any outdated or unnecessary applications and technologies, to help cut costs.

  • Increasing productivity by upgrading technology and serving the project’s immediate needs.

  • Forming a clear picture of the technological infrastructure.

  • Identifying and resolving conflicts regarding business priorities.

  • Improving cybersecurity and overall IT.

  • Avoiding a potential system failure by finding weaknesses in the IT infrastructure.

4 tips to follow when using a technology roadmap template

  1. Priorities, priorities, priorities. As with all roadmaps, a technology roadmap template becomes all the more valuable when priorities are added in. In order to work most effectively, it is important to use an objective prioritization system when defining which initiatives make it to your roadmap.

  2. Keep the technicalities out. The technology roadmap template helps you to build a visually rich image about your overall IT needs, so you need to be concise.

  3. Talk about benefits, not tactics. First, name the benefits that your technological plan will bring to the product or company. Then, proceed to explain briefly how you will accomplish those goals.

  4. Be realistic. The roadmap won’t be useful if it isn’t also achievable. Take deadlines, budget, and company process into consideration when planning your technological roadmap.

Try your airfocus technology roadmap template today

Start seeing some of these benefits for yourself. The airfocus template includes an outcome-based roadmap board, a backlog with a customizable prioritization framework, a 4x4 priority chart to visualize your quick wins and don’t dos, and a timeline to visualize your release plans and delivery work. Try yours now.

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