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Prioritize your projects with this smart prioritization framework for a more effective roadmap.

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What is a project roadmap?

A project roadmap is a high-level overview of your project planning and project goals within a certain timeframe. The time horizon you’ll use depends on your project and can vary from a couple of months up to several years. 

When you create and share a project roadmap, you also create a win-win solution for you and stakeholders — you are able to update and re-share the roadmap whenever needed, giving an overview of the project’s goals, main deliverables, dependencies, and possible risks as it stands today. 

A project roadmap template is a must-have tool for project managers since it becomes the main collaborative tool before and during the project launch. It helps to align the team on high-level plans and pay special attention to certain components of the work, as it relates to them.

What are the benefits of the project roadmap?

Using a project roadmap template can help:

  • Communicate strategic vision and keep everyone aligned and focused on what's really important.

  • Convey the goals and objectives across the team. In turn, this empowers them to estimate the time spent for completing each task more precisely.

  • Keep everyone (including stakeholders) pulling in the same direction, with the same vision of success, so that no one ends up dissatisfied. 

Our project roadmap template is perfect for projects that are susceptible to change (which, let’s face it, is all of them) since all minor and major fixes can be made on the fly. 

5 tips for producing a project roadmap

At airfocus, we’ve built our business with, and around, roadmaps. Here are our top tips for creating and using a project roadmap for your team:

  1. Prioritize what tasks/items and projects/opportunities should make it to your roadmap. In most cases, it makes sense to take the economic impact and strategic fit into account, and rate these against the time you need to invest and the money you need to spend.

  2. Keep it simple, only add information that can be of practical use in your project roadmap.

  3. Set realistic goals. While it’s true that a little pressure can motivate teams, asking them to do too much in too little time can quickly lead to burnout.

  4. Specify the contact responsible for every task, stage, and substage — this can save someone’s time in the future as they don’t have to go on a wild goose chase looking for who’s in charge.

  5. Don’t create the project roadmap from scratch! Leverage our project roadmap template and avoid hours spent looking for examples elsewhere.

Start using your project roadmap and prioritization template from airfocus right here.

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