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Startup roadmap

Startup roadmap template

Prioritize your startup projects and iniatives so you can build a roadmap that actually works. This template is perfect for founders setting up a short to mid-term plan for their company.

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What is a startup roadmap?

Picture the scene: you’ve just landed a job in a small but scaling startup. Everyone is excited about future initiatives and the success that they’ll bring — the product team is practically fizzing with anticipation. The only question is: how do you get everyone, and everything, organized when you’re starting from scratch?

A startup roadmap visualizes the ambitious launch and growth plans of a young company. Starting a company can be a chaotic process — you’ll fail fast and learn fast through lots of experimentation. The startup roadmap brings clarity to this chaos and keeps everyone aligned. And the startup roadmap template, in particular, is a great tool for structuring and managing the operations of any new company. 

What are the benefits of using a startup roadmap prioritization template?

Aside from bringing method to the madness, a startup roadmap:

  • Can help to identify which features your product or service lacks in order to launch smoothly and lead the company upwards. 

  • … and, as such, define the actions you need to take to fill these gaps.

  • Is a perfect pitch deck to impress investors, especially when backed up by a solid business plan illustrating your high potential for growth. 

  • Will prove that you’re following a well-thought-through plan, to ensure VCs that you’re using their money wisely.

Download the airfocus startup roadmap template today and get started in seconds with building your startup roadmap. After all, you’ve got enough to be working on without designing the roadmap for yourself!

How to create a startup roadmap

Once you’ve downloaded the startup roadmap template, here’s how to use it:

  1. Define your biggest challenges — starting from formation to seed funding, consider any obstacles you think you are going to face on your journey. (In the beginning, it's usually about finding a decent amount of funding, shaping your first MVP, and forming the team)

  2. Specify your first objectives for the immediate future. Be clear and make sure you are able to explain the goals to yourself and to others.

  3. Determine the capabilities you need to acquire or invest in to achieve your objectives. This is the intersection of what you want (your goals) and what you are able to do right now (your actions).

  4. Gather your actions into logical groups that you can execute.

  5. Prioritize the startup roadmap and define an order of all your initiatives.

The above is just a suggestion, of course. You can use our startup roadmap template however you want, adjusting the template as you go — as priorities change and funding comes in. 

Start building your own startup roadmap with the help of our startup roadmap and prioritization template today.

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