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Objective-led roadmap

Objective-led roadmap template

Align your team around objectives using the now-next-later format.

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About the objective-led roadmap:

Align your team around objectives. This template follows the now-next-later format and helps your team focus and reach your desired goals. What you get:

  • An objective-led roadmap board.

  • A backlog with a customizable prioritization framework.

  • More views: Priority chart, product timeline.

What is an objective-led roadmap?

An objective-led roadmap focuses on aligning your team and stakeholders around product objectives. It's a roadmap that focuses on initiatives that both solve customer problems and help achieve your product objectives. That’s a win-win!

Examples of product objectives

Within product development, objectives should always be linked to either resolving a user issue, answering a user pain-point, improving your product, or achieving a business goal. Sometimes, it’s all of the above.

Whoever will benefit from your objective being achieved, a product management objective should always be clear, measurable, and inspiring to help your teams rally behind them. For the best results, the PM should take those agreed objectives and map them on an objective-led roadmap template.

Examples of product objectives include:

  • Make sure users can sign in within 3 steps

  • Keep churn rate below 20% for Q2 2022

  • Build a workflow to ensure that all ‘tickets’ or customer support issues are resolved within 48 hours by August 2022.

How to use an objective-led roadmap template

Once you know what you’re trying to achieve, you can then take a step back and work out how to make that happen.

What needs to change in your onboarding process so that sign-in takes just 3 steps? In which demographics/user types are you seeing the most churn and how can decrease the number? Where are their dependencies between customer support and product development, and how can they be resolved to speed up resolutions?

These are questions you’ll need to ask when creating your objective-led roadmap.

It might take some time to decide on these tasks, but building the roadmap takes no time at all with an objective-led roadmap template.

This template includes an objective-led roadmap board, a backlog with a customizable prioritization framework, a 4x4 priority chart to visualize your quick wins and don’t dos, and a timeline to visualize your release plans and delivery work.

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