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Set up releases, plan and monitor delivery work, and visualize sprints in a helpful product timeline view.

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Product timeline
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Product timeline

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  • Powerful prioritization framework
  • Build a strategic product roadmap
  • Seamless integrations
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What is a product timeline template?

Time is money, as the old adage goes. That’s especially true in product development when missing a release or launch date could mean losing users — and therefore losing revenue.

But here’s the tricky thing: there’s no right place to map your due dates. It’s all too easy for milestones to get lost when marked only in the calendar and your product roadmap acts as an adaptable plan, rather than a diary.

Enter the product timeline. 

What are the benefits of using a product timeline template?

Sitting separately from your product roadmap and other more high-level, strategic visualizations, a product timeline can help track and visualize a product’s progress versus expectations. It can also highlight where you risk slipping behind schedule and who should be responsible for making up the time.

As with many other product management templates, a product timeline also helps teams and PMs manage the product strategy, backlog, workflows, and roadmaps. 

How can a product timeline do this, when it’s separate from everything else? Because, as we said before, time is money — and even if you’re not tracking key dates in your roadmap and backlog, you still need an overall steer on whether you’re on time.

How to use a product timeline template

Our top tips for using a product timeline template are:

  • Avoid breaking goals and deliverables down day-by-day: week by week, or even month by month, is fine

  • Use a template that’s super easy to adapt: sometimes, your deadlines will need to change and that’s inevitable. Choose a product timeline template that’s quick and easy to tweak (i.e. not a spreadsheet)

  • Share the timeline with your teams: you may have a project manager who is ultimately responsible for delivering on time, but each person in the team needs to be connected with the key milestones too.

The airfocus product timeline template includes a ready-to-use timeline view, a backlog with a customizable prioritization framework, and a 4x4 priority chart to visualize your quick wins and don’t dos. Get yours today.

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