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About the product marketing plan template

Align teams on bringing products and features to market and drive the demand and usage of the product. What you get:

  • A now-next-later product marketing roadmap board.

  • A backlog with a customizable prioritization framework.

  • More views: Priority chart, timeline.

What is product marketing?

Product marketing is the process of bringing a product to life and making it commercially successful. This includes defining positioning and messaging, launching the product, and ensuring that every company stakeholder and the customer understands it. 

When done correctly, product marketing makes your customers feel that their lives will be enriched and easier when they start using your product. Nailing your product marketing takes collaboration from many people across the team and will likely require ongoing optimization and insight. The airfocus product marketing plan template helps streamline the process of working together so that you can enjoy getting creative.

What does product marketing do?

In a nutshell, product marketing is responsible for:

  • Communicating a clear value-add to could-be customers

  • Showing how your product fits in the market (and how it’s different vs competitors)

  • Building empathy with customers and users, saying “We get your pain points and we’re here to solve them”.

Why should teams use a product marketing plan template?

The product marketing plan template helps you to:

  • Align teams on bringing products and features to market

  • Prioritize, plan, and communicate your product marketing efforts to cross-functional teams and align them around your goals

  • Objectively measure and monitor success, when an outcome-based product marketing template is used.

Product marketing is an essential practice within product management. A well-defined product marketing roadmap, focusing on solving the right problems for customers and communicating your message, will increase your chances of product success.

What are the stages of product marketing?

Stage 1: Discover. Dig into all the information and insights available related to your product. Immerse yourself in early-stage feedback from the market and keep an eye on your competitors.

Stage 2: Define. Define your user persona(s) based on the research gathered from interviews, web analytics, and any other data sources that you have.

Stage 3: Strategize. Decide and align on a specific goal and think carefully about how you can achieve it.

Stage 4: Get set. Prepare to hit the market! And with our product marketing plan template you will have everything ready in advance.

Stage 5: Grow. Scale the success!

What is included in the product marketing roadmap plan template?

Start using the airfocus product marketing plan template and you’ll get a:

  • Now-next-later product marketing roadmap board

  • Backlog with a customizable prioritization framework

  • 4x4 priority chart to visualize your quick wins and don’t dos

  • Timeline to visualize your milestones and launch work.

Product success is just one roadmap template away! Start using yours here.

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