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Manage your product management process end-to-end: product strategy, backlog, prioritization, workflows, and roadmaps.

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Priority Ratings

Set up a custom prioritization framework

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Priority chart
Release plan
Kanban workflow

Benefits that come from using this template

  • Powerful prioritization framework
  • Build a strategic product roadmap
  • Seamless integrations
  • Ready to use & fully customizable

What is a product management template?

A product management template is a single source of truth for product management teams. By visualizing the short and longer-term direction of your product — as well as initiatives to achieve your vision — this template makes managing your product strategy, backlog, workflows, and roadmaps easier than ever. 

Benefits of using a product management template

Are there kinks in your product management process? Is your team moving blindly forward without an agreed plan? A product management template adds much-needed order to processes and plans, aligning the team on what needs to be done, when, and in which priority order.

You can use a product management template to:

  • Align on the steps required in the final weeks before launching a new product

  • Set, and adjust, a product roadmap over time

  • Facilitate effective group decision-making and prioritization exercises — so you know your team’s time and effort is always best spent

  • Organize and monitor your backlog, using your product management template as a visual tool in the backlog grooming process

  • … and more.

How to use a product management template

airfocus users can access a product management template for free inside the airfocus software.

This ready-to-use template includes a:

  • Product backlog with a customizable prioritization framework

  • 4x4 priority chart to visualize your quick wins and don’t dos

  • Now-next-later roadmap, a timeline to visualize your release plans

  • Kanban PM workflow board

You can use the template for product processes, like strategic prioritization, or product plans, such as roadmaps and release timelines. There are just enough pre-built elements to get started within minutes, while giving teams the flexibility they need to adjust the templates as required.

For tips on how to prioritize as a product team, you can read our dedicated guide.

Or if you’re ready to get started with your own product management plan, you can download the template today.

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