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The ultimate guide to prioritization

Learn to structure a repeatable process to build outstanding products. Try these proven strategies to uncover insights and feedback, as well as how to select the right prioritization framework and put it in place to make the best decisions.

Chapter 1: Why prioritization will make or break your product.

Chapter 2: Why insights are essential and how to source them.

Sources of feedback and insights: turning problems into opportunities.
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Chapter 3: How to select the right prioritization framework for your product.

The most impactful way of approaching the decision-making process is to have a defined framework in place.
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Chapter 4: The 7 most popular prioritization frameworks.

This chapter will navigate you through 7 of the most popular prioritization frameworks.
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Chapter 5: Roadmaps - the (visual) result of your prioritization process.

Learn about the different types of roadmaps and what tools you can use to create one.
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