Full product management workflow

Manage your product management process end-to-end.

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Priority Ratings

Set up a custom prioritization framework


Centralize feedback and create insights

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How it works
How it works

Benefits that come from using this template

  • Connect feedback with product work
  • End-to-end product management
  • Build a strategic product roadmap
  • Powerful prioritization framework

About this full product management workflow

This multi-workspace template enables you to manage your product management process end-to-end.

The template includes these workspaces:

  • A “Strategic roadmap” (Now-Next-Later) to communicate, collaborate and align with your stakeholders on the what and why of your higher-level initiatives.

  • An “Opportunity pipeline” for modern PM and discovery workflows around your opportunities, ideas, and epics. Items in this workspace can be linked to initiatives on the Roadmap in order to understand your strategy.

  • A “Feedback & Insights” workspace to gather and centralize feedback in one place and uncover actionable insights to inform discovery and product strategy. Items in this workspace can be linked to opportunities on the Opportunity pipeline in order to make customer-centric decisions.

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