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Objectives and key results (OKRs)
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Certified by Product School

Objectives and key results (OKRs) template

This template will help you and your team set and align your objectives and key results, so you can achieve product success together.


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What are OKRs?

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal-setting framework that businesses use to align individual performance with overall goals in a measurable way.

About OKRs template

The OKR template is a tool to help product managers set objectives with their teams that align with overall business/company objectives. It helps you set and track goals and the progress towards achieving them.

The template starts with breaking down company objectives into team ones, then assigns owners and contributors to each. You can define the different initiatives and opportunities for every objective, formulate a game plan and track progress for each key result.

How to use the OKRs template

  • Identify overall company goals for the year or quarter, which may include revenue targets, product launches, customer acquisition goals, or other objectives that you use to define progress and success.

  • Break down company goals into smaller, more specific objectives for each team. Make sure your goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and time-bound).

  • Assign owners and contributors to each objective. The owner should be responsible for ensuring the objective is achieved, while contributors help make it happen.

  • Define initiatives and opportunities that will help each team/owner achieve their goals. The initiative is the project that will help achieve the objective, while the opportunities are the ideas or steps that will complete this project. Every opportunity can be assigned a percentage that will represent the completion of the initiative.

  • Use the percentage of progress column to track the team's progress towards their goal, review progress regularly, and adjust the game plan as needed to ensure that the team stays on track to achieve its objectives.

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Benefits that come from using this template

Alignment on company and team goals

Focusing on important objectives

Increase accountability & ownership

Flexibility to adjust objectives

FAQ about the objectives and key results (okrs) template

What are OKRs?
OKRs is an acronym for Objectives and Key Results, which is a goal-setting framework that allows teams to create specific, measurable, and achievable objectives and track their progress toward achieving them.
Is this template customizable?
You can adjust this template to fit the needs and goals of your team. You can add or remove rows or make modifications to add any metrics or information. Use it as a guide and make it work for your team.
Who should be involved in setting OKRs?
All team members, and maybe even relevant members from other teams, should be included in setting and tracking OKRs. Remember that the goal is for everyone to be aligned and working towards the same objectives.
How often should I track progress on OKRs?
You should check in on OKRs and track progress as regularly as possible. For example, you can track progress on OKRs as part of your weekly or bi-weekly meetings. This will enable you to adjust your game plans in time and ensure progress and accountability toward the objectives.
How can I set achievable OKRs?
When you set OKRs, make sure they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, and time-bound). Take into consideration factors like available resources and past performance, this will help you set realistic objectives.
What if I am not making progress on OKRs?
If the team, or members of it, are not making progress on OKRs review your game plans to identify the obstacles to progress and decide how to overcome them, then adjust your game plan accordingly. Make sure you ask for help from your team or other teams if needed.

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