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Tatyana Mamut
Tatyana Mamut began her career with IDEO back in 2007. She has gone on to work with a number of other large tech companies, including Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, and Nextdoor.
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Tatyana Mamut - Strategic Advisor - nextdoor and TMamut Advisors

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Who is Tatyana Mamut?

Tatyana Mamut is currently working as a keynote speaker and growth advisor for a number of CEOs, investors, and fast-growing product startups.

This is a new venture for Tatyana. Until November 2020, she was head of product at nextdoor, a social networking tool for communities and neighborhoods.

Originally hailing from eastern Ukraine, Tatyana sought refuge in the United States and set out to continue the family’s legacy of professional women. It didn’t take long for Mamut to break into the business world, especially with a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and a BA from Amherst College. 

Mamut began her career with IDEO back in 2007. She has gone on to work with a number of other large tech companies, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Salesforce, and nextdoor.

What is Tatyana Mamut known for? 

Tatyana has been responsible for a number of highly successful products in her career.

During her time with IDEO, she founded the organization design practice, which became one of the largest businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Just two years later, while working for Amazon Web Services, she co-led the creation of AWS Honeycode — a game-changing platform that allows users to create applications without the need for coding.

Mamut has also been responsible for a large overhaul at nextdoor, a social media platform that has suffered its fair share of controversies as of late. Mamut advocated and subsequently led a substantial redesign of the brand and its product, aiming to overcome the issues the platform was facing. 

Where can you learn more about Tatyana Mamut? 

Mamut doesn’t play her cards close to her chest. In fact, she would much rather spread her knowledge far and wide, in the hope that all companies take a look at their corporate culture with the aim of improving. 

You can find out more about Tatyana’s work as a keynote speaker and advisor on her website.

General FAQ

Who is Tatyana Mamut?
Tatyana Mamut is a revolutionary figure in Silicon Valley, responsible for the organization design practice, AWS’s Honeycode platform, and a substantial redesign of nextdoor. She is currently working as a keynote speaker and growth advisor.
What is nextdoor?
nextdoor is a new kind of social media, aiming to make a neighborhood into a community. It acts as a one-stop-shop for all things local, providing a simple platform to keep the neighborhood updated with nearby news, businesses, and services.
What is an intrapreneur?
Intrapreneurs are responsible for developing fresh, innovative projects within an existing company. They have the resources of an established company behind them to aid the development process. An Intrapreneur can realize a new idea while the company can reap the benefits.

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