Hilary Johnson

Hilary Johnson

Head of Product @ Unmind
Hilary is Head of Product at Unmind, a workplace mental health platform. She counts herself fortunate to lead an amazing team of product managers who care deeply about helping employees proactively understand and improve their mental wellbeing.

Hilary Johnson - Head of Product - Unmind

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Who is Hilary Johnson?

Hilary has built a career as Product Manager, Leader and Advisor for companies like The Body Coach, ustwo and Monzo. In the past she has also led product teams as Head of Product at fintech startup Flux and as the Product Team Manager at VMWare London. 

Entrepreneurial at heart, Hilary is also a remote Product Coach and Trainer through her coaching practice Night School. She works with Product Leaders and Founders to help them sharpen their skills and build better products. Alongside her coaching practice, she partners with Mind the Product to coach Product Leaders through workshops and training.  

Hilary transitioned into product management from a legal career. In her past legal life, she worked in intellectual property research at the University of Amsterdam Institute for Information Law, and in digital policy at the EU institutions level in Brussels.

What is Hilary Johnson best known for?

Hilary is known for bringing a practical and non nonsense approach to product management. 

Although building impactful products can be complex and challenging, she believes good product management comes with a curious and learning mindset, focus and a pragmatic approach to solving problems. When working with her team and coaching clients, she’s keen to bring focus and simplicity to the craft of product management.

Hilary is also known for being committed to good communication and emotional awareness in product teams. At Unmind, she continuously strives to support her team of product managers so that they can be the best product managers they can be.

Where can you learn more about Hilary Johnson?

You can read about Hilary’s coaching and blog posts on her personal website. There, you’ll find a mix of practical product management writing advice like How to design a roadmap that speaks to your whole team, along with more information on her coaching. 

You can also find Hilary on Twitter, where she posts about product management and mental health.

General FAQ

Who is Hilary Johnson?
Hilary is Head of Product at Unmind, a workplace mental health platform. She’s known for her pragmatic approach to product management and her emphasis on clear business-wide communication practices. Hilary is also a remote Product Coach and partners with Mind the Product to coach product leaders through workshops and training. Her previous roles include product management for The Body Coach, Flux and Monzo.
What is Unmind?
Unmind is a workplace mental health platform that strives to empower employees to proactively measure, understand, and improve their mental wellbeing.
What is product coaching?
Product coaching helps practitioners and founders sharpen their skills, navigate challenges and ultimately build better products. A good product coach doesn’t provide the answers – although they are experienced practitioners, they provide value by guiding and challenging to help individuals reach their objectives.

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