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Melissa Perri

Melissa Perri

Founder and CEO @ Produx Labs
Melissa Perri if the CEO of Produx Labs, a company that helps organizations effectively scale their product management through their teaching, training, and consulting solutions, most notably its schools Product Institute and CPO Accelerator

Melissa Perri - Founder and CEO - Produx Labs

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Who is Melissa Perri?

Melissa Perri is the CEO of Produx Labs, a company that helps organizations effectively scale their product management through their teaching, training, and consulting solutions, most notably its schools Product Institute and CPO Accelerator

She is also product management leader and executive product coach. Melissa uses her expertise to advise firms and grow the next generation of product leaders. 

As a dedicated product advocate and talented educator, Melissa helps product people and executives understand the value of product management.

She created an online learning school and wrote the book "Escaping the Build Trap: How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value".

Before founding her own company, Melissa was a product manager and UX designer at Capital IQ, Barclays Capital, OpenSky, and Conductor. 

What is Melissa Perri known for?

Melissa Perri is a reputable product coach and the founder of two learning hubs for product people: the Product Institute and the CPO Accelerator. 

Drawing insights from her successful career as a PM, Perri’s belief is that to build better products, we must first grow better product managers. This can only happen if dedicated and talented professionals share their knowledge in a structured, welcoming, environment.

The success of her learning courses led Melissa to be appointed to the faculty of Harvard Business School, where she now teaches product management in the MBA program.

She is also a dedicated advisor and a very talented keynote speaker. So far, she’s taken the stage in over 35 countries and attended some of the industry's most renowned conferences. Maybe you’ve even seen her speak once or twice!

Melissa’s talks have been recorded and shared online if you’re interested in hearing more. Check her out on YouTube: Escaping the Build Trap and Golden Rules of UX are two of our favorites.

What is the Product Institute?

Melissa Perri's goal is to create great products. But to make that happen, we need to select, nurture, and grow great product leaders, too.

The Product Institute is Melissa’s way to help make that happen. Signing up and starting to learn is easy — all the courses are available on-demand and via subscription. As of December 2020, more than 3500 students have attended Product Institute’s online courses; learning essential product skills and how to think like product managers.

Where can you learn more about Melissa Perri?

You can keep track of Melissa’s musings and insights in many ways online.

Her website is the place to go for up-to-date speaker slots and links to all her current projects — there’s a semi-regularly updated blog thrown in there, too.

The Produx Labs blog is where Melissa’s product management theories are unpacked and explained. Head there for tips on managerial styles (From bosses to peers: building executive relationships as a new CPO, for example) and the nuts-and-bolts of great product design (16 Product strategies for growth, to name just one). 

Lastly, if you're looking for a more personal approach, open Twitter, and follow @lissijean.

General FAQ

Who is Melissa Perri?
Melissa Perri is a leader in the field of product management, who shares her experience as a product coach, author, and speaker. She is also the founder of Produx Labs (an advisory firm), Product Institute (a learning hub for product people), and the CPO Accelerator (a virtual learning platform for product executives). 
What is the "Product Institute"?
The Product Institute is an online hub founded by Melissa Perri. The school's mission is to help product people build new skills, develop a product mindset, and grow their careers.
What is Produx Labs?
Produx Labs is a consultancy firm created by Melissa Perri that aims to accelerate organizational growth through effective scaling solutions. Produx Labs integrates with Melissa Perri's two learning hubs — Product Institute and the CPO Accelerator — to create meaningful, long-lasting business teams' success.
What is the "build trap"?
Melissa Perri argues that when we “move fast and break things” we get lazy with our analysis — shipping feature after feature without assessing why. The lack of hard cold facts to back up gut-feel strategies can end up being “a trap”; confining teams in a development cycle that feels productive but fails to deliver.

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