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- VP of Product
Oji Udezue
Oji Udezue has an extensive history in product management. He began his career with Cisco in 2001, before spending 10 years at Microsoft, overseeing a number of key Windows products.
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Oji Udezue - VP of Product - Calendly - airfocus Product Hero

Who is Oji Udezue? 

Oji Udezue has an extensive history in product management. He began his career with Cisco in 2001, before spending 10 years at Microsoft, overseeing a number of key Windows products — including Windows Live services and Visual Studio.

He is currently vice president of product at Calendly, while also sitting on the board of directors at Quitch, (a mobile e-learning platform).

What is Oji Udezue known for? 

When it comes to developing new products, Oji has built his personal brand on his keen eye for innovation and customer focus.

These skills were put into good use when Oji became head of product at Atlassian in 2016. Udezue’s attention to detail and strong leadership skills were instrumental at his time at Atlassian, where he led product strategy for Hipchat and Stride for two years.

His current role as VP of product at Calendly has further solidified his status as one of the best product managers in the business.

Udezue’s most praised attributes at work naturally spill over into his personal life, too. Keen to empower others, he founded the Kernel Fund, an angel fund that invests seed capital into sub-Saharan tech companies.

What is Oji's advice in creating a growth culture? 

In Oji’s own words: "One of the hardest things to do, as a product leader, is harnessing the intelligence of all the people in the organization".

Oji believes that understanding this issue is the first key step in creating growth culture. If everyone involved can’t input their expertise, there’s a higher chance of a product failing — and with a substandard product comes substandard growth.

Udezue is a champion for creating "flat spaces" when it comes to product innovation. Put simply, this involves creating a space where everyone in a team has equal opportunity to contribute to the creation of a product, regardless of their position in the company.

Where can you learn more about Oji Udezue? 

As one might expect, Oji is proud of the work he does and is happy to share insights into his methodology via the usual social media outlets.

If you’re looking for more in-depth articles, have a look at his Medium account. Oji often posts articles regarding his views on inequality, corporate culture, and advice on how to create "flat spaces" and product-led growth.

General FAQ

Who is Oji Udezue? 
Oji Udezue is a Nigerian-born leader in product innovation and team building. He has a number of qualifications under his belt from Columbia University, UC Berkeley, and the University of Southern California. Udezue’s resume includes work with Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Atlassian, and his current role as VP of product at Calendly.
What is Calendly?
Calendly is a scheduling software that aims to streamline the often tumultuous task of booking in appointments, meetings and events. The platform displays your availability in an easy-to-read format and allows people to book time with you. It also synchronizes with your regular office suite for further practicality.
What is a growth culture?
Growth culture is a term used to describe an environment where every interaction within a team can be seen as an opportunity to learn and improve on existing ideas. Implementing growth culture utilizes your team to the best of their abilities, and ultimately improves your product.
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