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Marc Abraham

Marc Abraham

Head of Product @ ASOS
Marc is the head of product at ASOS, as well as the co-curator of Mind the Product, the world’s largest product community.

Marc Abraham - Head of Product - ASOS

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Who is Marc Abraham?

It’s safe to say that Marc Abraham did not set out to be a product manager.

Beginning his career as a corporate lawyer, a long way away from the world of product and agile, he made the transition into digital technology after nearly four years at Brada Kuttner Attorneys. 

Yet, since making that switch, his trajectory has been impressive to say the least. 

Starting out as a project manager, Marc has been managing products for the last eight years.

During that time, he’s worked on many hugely successful digital products and services — as a head of product, chief product officer, or senior product manager at organizations such as Not On The High Street, Settled, Comic Relief, and World First. 

Today, having discovered a retail niche, Marc is the head of product at ASOS, as well as the co-curator of Mind the Product, the world’s largest product community.

If that wasn’t enough, Marc is also a published author. His book My Product Management Toolkit is a must-read for all aspiring project and product managers.

What is Marc Abraham best known for?

Professionally, Marc is probably best known for his work at ASOS and Mind the Product, as his involvement in the ProductTank meetups takes him and his ideas to product managers around the world.

He is also an established product management coach, training teams and individuals in the ways of great product management, as well as giving talks and leading workshops as an independent consultant.

How is conflict a good thing in managing products?

Marc holds strongly to the idea that creative tension and managed conflict within teams is a plus, not a minus when it comes to managing products.

In his view, a team with members who are comfortable challenging each other generally produces far more interesting and successful products than one which has artificial harmony, or a lack of people willing to make themselves heard. 

Marc explains his idea of ‘productive conflict’ as being the sweet spot where teams work together, challenge each other, and produce great results.

Where can you learn more about Marc Abraham?

You can read a little bit about Marc’s personal manifesto on his website. He also shares his ideas, vision, advice, and nuggets from his unique experiences on his Medium site. Marc is an active social media user and posts regularly on Twitter. You can also get his last book on ways to manage the pressure and uncertainty of managing products.

General FAQ

Who is Marc Abraham?
Marc Abraham is the head of product at ASOS, and the co-curator of Mind the Product, the world’s largest product community. He has had a varied career, starting his professional life as a corporate lawyer before moving into project management and product management.
What is ASOS?
ASOS is an online fashion and cosmetic store. It sells a huge range of brands and labels (over 850 all in all) as well as its own line of clothes and accessories. It has a global reach, shipping to all 196 countries around the world from centers in the UK, Europe, and the United States.
What does a head of product or chief product officer do?
A head of product, or chief product officer, is the person in an organization with overall responsibility for all product-related activities. The head of product fulfills the same role in terms as product as the chief technology officer would for IT.

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