Bernhard Hecker

Product Manager and Leader
Bernhard is here to help. With more than 30 years of experience as product manager and leader, he helps teams, organizations and product leaders with the strategic transformation.

Bernhard Hecker - Product Manager and Leader

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Who is Bernhard Hecker?

Bernhard has been working in B2B tech product roles for more than 30 years. As founder of Value. Digital, a product consultancy, he is currently helping product people and founders at startups and scaleups to build and organize scalable and efficient product teams. 

He's always been curious to see how technology can impact the world for the better and he is striving to help people to become great product managers that love their products.

What is Bernhard Hecker known for?

Bernhard is a great team motivator. Building efficient teams that create awesome products is what drives him and what he's been doing for many years. He has mostly been working in communication and security-related product worlds and you may see him as one of the first people to introduce email as technology and product to European businesses. Having an impact on people and businesses and related processes made him successful in finding big new and impactful technologies, a few times. One example is, he is helping a Silicon Valley based blockchain startup to gain traction in the European market and is an expert in industrial blockchain use cases. 

Also in that manner, he is today helping policymakers and the tech industry to collaborate on the reduction of energy consumption of data centers and cloud infrastructures. 

Bernhard loves to share ideas, experiences and thoughts and if you're looking for a speaker at your next event, you might consider him.

Where can you learn more about Bernhard Hecker?

You can find his CV on Linkedin and you can read more about him on his personal and business websites. 

He also shares insights and thoughts on airfocus' Product Learn articles  and sometimes on Medium

Tips for my fellow product managers are:

1. Make yourself aware, that you don't have to do all the things that your company puts on the product team's table, BUT you're responsible for these things to be done, often without disciplinary control, So become a good networker and visionary motivator.

2. As leaders, hire people that are better in the job they apply for than you would be.

 3. Treat feature requests as feedback. Look at it and understand the underlying motivation for the request. Look at the situation that, by adding the requested feature, will get better. Understand the underlying problem and find the best solution for both your customer and your product.

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