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Anthony Murphy

Anthony Murphy

Director @ Association of Product Professionals
Anthony Murphy is one of the founding members and Director of the Association of Product Professionals. He’s a fulltime Product Management Coach and Founder of Product Pathways, an online learning platform for PMs. A regular writer and speaker.

Anthony Murphy - Director - Association of Product Professionals

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Who is Anthony Murphy?

Anthony is a well-known face in the Product Management industry for his speaking and writing.

After a brief stint in the army, Anthony had an initial career as a Software Engineer and Business Analyst. However, he soon found his calling in Product Management.

Anthony has shipped products at every stage of the product life-cycle (even sunset them). He has worked for small startups to large enterprises and across several industries from Healthcare, FinTech, AI, and Machine Learning.

From a passion for growing others, teaching, and coaching, Anthony decided to start his own business helping others master product management. 

Today Anthony runs his own Product Coaching and consulting business where he provides 1:1 and group coaching, and works with organizations to scale and improve their product practices. 

Anthony is also a founding member and Director of the Association of Product Professionals and has founded an online learning platform called Product Pathways. 

What is Anthony known for?

Anthony is best known for his writing and speaking on Product Management. 

Anthony draws upon over a decade of product experience and several years coaching and consulting with companies all over the world. He has a way of making complex concepts easy to grasp. 

As a Product Coach and consultant, Anthony makes the most impact through the people he coaches. Either 1:1, through his 1:1 coaching program or through his corporate clients. 

His passion for helping others and unlocking the best in his fellow product people has led him to found two more companies, the Association of Product Professionals and Product Pathways. 

Along with several other product leaders, Anthony helped form the Association of Product Professionals. A global industry body for Product Managers globally. With a rapidly growing membership base, the Association of Product Professionals aims to advance Product Management, advocate for product people and uplift the industry as a whole. 

What is the APP?

The Association of Product Professionals is the global industry body for product people. APP represents the people and practices, and will tirelessly work to advance the profession of product management.

We aim to: 

  • Align industry thought-leaders from around the globe on a set of common language and principles. Establish best practices.

  • Tirelessly promote these best practices until they become accepted by organizations world-wide.

  • Provide an independent means to benchmark both product individuals and the organizations they work inside.

  • Advocate for the individuals working in product to their organizations, their governments, and their industry.

  • Grow the product management industry for the business members that comprise it.

Why Does Product Need an Association?

Today, the problem we see is this: product people – for the most part – know good practice. However, often they are working in organizations that, perhaps unintentionally, prevent them from doing good product work.

APP’s mission is to solve this organizational problem. We need organizations to believe as deeply in product practice as they do in accounting practice.

What is Anthony's advice for product managers?

  • Product-led doesn’t mean Product Manager-led. 

  • Product is a team sport. 

  • Build a great team and they will build a great product.

Your role as a leader is not to have all the answers and make all the decisions. It’s to build a high-performing team that all feel like part owners of the product. Because your product is nothing without your team - product success is a team effort. 

Seek to equip your team with the context, information, and tools to make smart decisions.

General FAQ

What is Product Pathways?
Product Pathways is a self-paced online learning platform for Product Managers. What makes Product Pathways unique is that it features deep dives into specific topics, like Stakeholder Management and Product Strategy. Rather than paying thousands of dollars for a training course where perhaps less than a handful of topics were relevant to you, Product Pathways offers small, bite-sized training modules so you only pay for what is relevant to you.
Where can you learn more about Anthony?
Anthony is extremely approachable, easy to reach out to and keep up to date with his Linkedin and Twitter. You can view his talks and read his blog through his website or through his medium page. Those interested in Association of Product Professionals can find out more through their website and Linkedin. And if you’re looking for online, self-paced learning that features deep dives into specific topics, like Stakeholder Management and Product Strategy, then it’s worth checking out Product Pathways.

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