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What is pragmatic marketing?


Pragmatic marketing defintion

Pragmatic marketing is a market-driven framework for managing and marketing products. It’s commonly used to market tech products and programs. Companies use pragmatic marketing to help them design and launch products to an audience that needs and wants them. Pragmatic marketing essentially helps you design products that your customers want to purchase.

Pragmatic marketing is designed to be tested and re-adapted during product development to ensure your product meets customers’ needs and expectations.

When using pragmatic marketing, companies should always have customer input before pitching a final product. Products should serve the needs of the market first and foremost. 

Pragmatic marketing and product management: what are the benefits?

The pragmatic marketing framework has several advantages because it gives your team a common language and outlines the steps to take to launch a successful, problem-focused solution.

These benefits include:

  • Pragmatic marketing uses ongoing testing and debate to improve customer relationships.

  • Because pragmatic marketing focuses on creating products for market needs, it extends and enhances your product's usefulness and life cycle. 

  • It helps improves team efficiency.

  • Because you’re only designing products for customer needs, you're less likely to waste time developing useless items.

  • Pragmatic marketing considers the customer from day one, which helps you avoid roadmap failure.

  • It helps companies launch new products which is essential for generating revenue and growth.

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How to learn pragmatic marketing

The best way to learn pragmatic marketing is by taking an online course and receiving a certification.

The Pragmatic Institute offers courses that help guide you through each stage of the pragmatic marketing framework. They offer eight modules that help you learn about pragmatic marketing: Foundations, Focus, Design, Build, Market, Launch, Price, and Insight. After completing all six courses with the Pragmatic Institute, you earn a Pragmatic Marketing Certification. 

General FAQ

What is pragmatic marketing?
Pragmatic marketing is a customer-centric framework that helps you design products for a target audience. The product must solve your customers’ real problems to help achieve brand affinity.
What are the benefits of pragmatic marketing in product management?
Pragmatic marketing helps companies launch products that customer actually need and want to buy, spend less time developing useless products, and launch new products to hungry markets.

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